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my interpretation of the book is that it questions these things, monarchism, savior complex, and cult of personality especially and puts them on the reader to decide. Herbert himself said that Dune “was aimed at this whole idea of the infallible leader.”

take from the book what you will though.


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his “enfant terrible” personality on that show is really something. i think it’s how US Americans imagine chefs of the past.

the food they cook seems mediocre or reminds me of US family-casual restaurants like Applebee’s, but maybe a little bit fancier.

half of the contestants seem under prepared in both skill and emotionally, which feels intentional on the producers’ part.

the music and editing are overly dramatic like many reality shows but at this point feels very 2008 (assuming they haven’t changed it, i haven’t seen any of this show in a couple years).

as for Ramsey he’s a millionaire chef with probably at least a dozen crappy restaurants catering to middle class US or UK tourists in large cities. i imagine most people who seek out his restaurants are so unaware of what good food is that they base their idea of good food off things like price.

all that being said i think he’s been ok on Master Chef, because of the contestants being regular people, the other judges, and the fact he doesn’t seem to have to play to the camera.


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my work’s been offering my department overtime for the first time in memory. it’s cool to make some extra money here and there but is also means my boss can get overtime and has therefore been around more