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Religion/spirituality is inherently bad

Yes large institutions like the catholic church are shit, but something like a church can be rather nice especially if there isnt conformity and of the leader (pastor/rabbi/president) isnt the end all.

So long as the leader is seen as failable, there isnt a hierarchy (usually of who donates how much), and there is an understanding that holy books are millenia old and arent the end all, it is usually pretty nice.

People have been critiquing the bs in the holy books for longer than there has been the printing press and simultaneously taking and expanding what is good.


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I think this is the wrong question. We should instead ask how our ideas can be spread further.

If we shift the emphasis from "everyone must be an anarchist" to "we should spread our ideas to more people and if they chose to join our communities that's a nice plus." So moving the goal from adding members to spreading ideas and allowing those to grow or be disposed of . Perhaps labeling ourselves or our ideas as anarchist or "anarchist inspired". Individuals would be able to disagree or wholly dispose of our ideas if they so wanted to. So long as they wrestle with our ideas rather than not even knowing they exist. This would also lead to normalization of anarchism more broadly.

Also, it neatly sidesteps the colonialist mindset imo.

obv i haven't thought much about this and i could be overlooking many things or misunderstanding the colonialist mindset.


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I will say that there are many ppl who never got paid sick days, if you didn't show up you didn't get ur hrs. However that is to say that everyone should get sick days and that this shouldn't be limited to jobs that already have sick days


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interesting, it doesn't say if it is an analogy for some part of capitalism but it seems to be