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Yes. The agricultural revolution allowed the production of surplus value. Once people could grow more than they could eat, they started fighting over who owned the surplus. IIRC Engels argues that this is also the origin of the patriarchy - before there was wealth to inherit, paternity was of little consequence.


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I think it's because 'freedom' is an empty concept (a signifier without a signified, if you like). As such, its ideological function is to resolve the essential contradictions of society. Why to we have to spend so much time labouring under the dictatorial command of our bosses? Freedom (free market capitalism). Why are there so many people in prison? Freedom (freedom of choice, and personal responsibility for those choices). Why do terrorists hate us? Freedom. Why is health care so expensive and also so shitty? Freedom. Freedom is the imagined essence that makes America 'exceptional' and 'great'. People think America is the land of the free because that's how they define America; it's a tautology.