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Some people are so easy to piss on lol. You expect me to believe youre capable of organizing a revolution when you cant handle someone using the word "dumb", holyyy fuck

TIL "dumb" is more offensive than "eat a bullet"


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I think the upsetti award goes to me actually considering my thread about having you banned for the kys situation has almost twice as many comments as any other thread on the site. And almost half of those are amongstclouds throwing a fit and spamming and generally acting like a toddler.


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Mofongo told me to show screenshots, Galdra violated privacy by outing all of the people who PMed. But of course I get blamed for it because theyre two of your bestest fwiends.

fuck this, im out. this website is an absolute trainwreck, cant believe you guys have circlejerked yourselves into thinking this is a viable reddit alternative.


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The mods take care of any reactionary talk, I really don't think its so bad. Besides, what would we do about it?