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I imagine this Free Talk as a large room with a few tables and some 10 people sitting all over the place, awkwardly glaring at each other.


bel793 wrote (edited )

Sort of amazing how much these people want us dead.

Don't even bother entering a debate with these trolls, it's better to simply ignore them, not ban them (as long they don't say racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. shit), simply ignore and shun them until they feel socially ostracised enough to let their cause go.

Don't bother attacking them either, it's first of all not very humanistic, but second of all, it deserves the anarchist cause by making us look as the aggressors, just pacifically protest these people, act like mature adults and at least we won't be persecuted instead of them.

This video from Jello Biafra sums it up pretty well.


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I mean, it was clearly made without much thought and thus has varying levels of offense, when you compare putting 9/11 on the US to putting the EU flag on Britain at least. I should probably have thought this through before reposting it here cause some of those run so deep it really does makes me look like an asshole.


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God, I love Miyazaki.

Have you ever seen any of Mamoru Hosoda's movies? If no you should definitely watch Wolf Children or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Personally, I prefer Wolf Children, it does not have anything particularly exceptional about it except the way it tells the story of a mother and her children, it just leaves with a mountain of emotions once you reach its end.