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I'm curious, what do you get out of being an asshole? Is this making you happy, being mean to users who are just trying to enjoy sharing an online space with other leftists?

e: also you need cut it out. Don't treat them like this just for pointing out all the shit you've been pulling off.


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A few times a month. Mostly when I need to do something and I'm near my dad's laptop or when I want to play games on my desktop (I still haven't got around to installing GNU/Linux onto it, since it gets used only for gaming and is useless for most other stuff)

Edit: I misread the question, sorry.

I only have to use Windows when helping friends and relatives with computers but this happens only a few times a year.


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Well... I spent the whole night learning basics of Lisp just for this.

I don't regret it though, it's a suprisingly nice language. Probably not for me to use, but I like it as a concept.

(defun my_nth (n list)
  (unless (and (typep n 'integer) (>= n 0))
    (error "~a is not a non-negative integer" n))
  (unless (typep list 'list)
    (error "~a is not a list" n))
  (let ((i 0))
    (loop for item in list do
      (if (= i n)
        (return item)
        (incf i)))))

I actually don't know i how fast it is since I have no idea how to measure time/speed in Common Lisp so you'll have to do that.

Btw, your function didn't work for me. If I put in a list as the second argument it complains on (> n list) that the list isn't a number and If it's a number lower than n it complains on (cdr nl) that it's not a list :)


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If you want to create a forum here on Raddle (or other sites running Postmill) do it here.

If you want to setup your own instance then asking in /f/Postmill or Postmill dev channel on Matrix ( might be a better idea. Though you shoud probably read this first and then ask about specific things you have trouble with or don't understand.