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ironically proposing an idea you're somewhat sincere about to deflect criticism of the idea if its bad while retaining the right to revel in praise if its good

I admire the tactics.


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Your plans dont work

Has no plan

There is no revolution. There is no progress. There is no gets better. There is no gets worse. For me personally, anarchy is simply about surival. As well as maintaining my humanity in a world that seeks to erode. Whether or not that means planting a garden or something else, is up to the world.


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Fauvenoir on the TOTW

On fantasies...

Fantasies can be completely disconnected from any practice. Which is the issue I see in a lot of this continental philosophy fixation, and also the fixation on projected imaginary anarchy, such as what they do in anarchist theater projects, anarchist fiction, and simply collective living room discussions about "how would it be after the collapse", or "what would be our dream anarchist world".

But fantasies can also be something something entirely... something that is on the contrary extraordinarily productive and creative. Take Christianity for instance. No matter how you disagree with the Church and the Jesus freaks, they have achieved incredible things since the 5th century. Monasteries have created the public schools, pushed for literacy and have evolved into the first town-factories. Also compare the Virginia colony to Portsmouth, for instance. The first one, while being a lucrative business, was a unstable, disorganized, violent project which relied fundamentally on slavery and mass-murder of natives. The latter -while also having its hands stained with native blood, being run by religious fanatics and having imported witch hunts to NA- was known for having been a frugal community with strong morals and cohesion, and was based on food farming and primitive industry which quickly ended up developing diversified markets that other colonies relied upon. The Christians, when a well-structured community, were undefeatable and could overcome anything. They were ant colonies. In the lower Alps they created stone towns right off mountain slopes, and they built some of the richest architectural wonders just to be filled with void.

That was all due to a kind of fantasy which, instead of discarding or escaping the reality of practices and real-life constraints, transcended and consecrated those towards the spiritual realm. The religious belief system gave almost every act of the daily life a spiritual meaning connected to a greater design. You weren't just gardening for feeding, and you just did't have babies because you felt like it; it a central part of a lifestyle commanded by the Lord himself. You were beating your children to chastize the impure demonic infuences. It was a godly fucking mandate, and it gave you a purpose, that shown you where's the north and south, no matter how it was delusional. A whole society, which I'd call the pre-oil social order, had grown out of this, and it was an unstoppable machine. The British Empire -beyond question the most powerful empire at the times- tried to thwart and control it, and they failed. Protestant fanaticism (a.k.a. puritanism) was just too damn powerful, and it allowed for limitless self-sustained communities.

So the problem ain't with fantasies, but their quality, and how they connect with our lives. Lecturing the "masses" for directing their actions is something that works. It did work and nobody here can deny it. Castro's sermons for a while were driving millions of Left-leaning proles worldwide. There was also a time, not long ago, when ancom fantasies were driving a lot of people... yet they lack connection with the daily constraints. You wanna fight the Capitalists? Cool, then what about your landlord? Or how about going to eat with Comrades after a protest at a diner that's capitalizing on gentrification? More importantly... what practices can you sanctify as truly revolutionary in FnBs and picketing and even (more recently) filling potholes?

The closest we've seen coming from the Left is with the green religion, of people being sermoned by local green preachers on how they can wash their asses, wash their clothes, build tiny houses (lol) for the Planet. But the green religion doesn't have welfare programs for all those who work double time for the planet, they only have the politician's promise of a cleaner, greener future with a "stable" climate.

There is a specific purpose in every religious practice, with its set of goals and morals which drive organizing, where organizing is the product of a discipline necessary to reach those ideals. But in the case of liberals and some aspects of radicals, it's just plainly lacking. There's either (1) this huge void, opened between you and the perceived ideal (Revolution, or whatever), or it is instead at the outer reaches of a set of practices, where the ideal should be hanging (practices/rituals leading to ???... as seen in Occupy). On one hand there is the blurry goal of "anti-austerity", but where is your plan to bring about social equity, beyond supporting a dumb party that's never gonna be elected?

Ritualism has been too long studied outside of its specific purposes for the people who practiced it. Feyerabend has tried to de-compartmentalize it, by presenting ritualism and mythology as a system of production of living conditions, even a form of science of the living.

So all this to say... I think the question is which fantasies that exist, or those we can create, that can show a path to people for organizing themselves. The problem lies partly in the poverty and detachment of our fantasies from the real world, and how they can serve the purpose of free-living.


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/f/Anarchy is a place for the mutated strands of anarchy that defect from decent anarchist society. Post-leftism destroyed the foundation of what it means to be anarchist and /f/anarchy will be a gathering place for anarchists that truly embrace the potential of the post-left. Many instances of leftism that claim to embrace this way of thinking still tend to hold old left subtleties that limit conversation and action. /f/Anarchy is intended for instances of anarchism that aren't restrictive "-isms" but revolutionary ideas.


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Democracy is a joke. Lets be honest. Outside of direct democracy in small commune sized groups, or any group where the size is small enough where the "leader" can be held accountable, Democracy is a shit system. Even the direct democracy I just mentioned is little more than an ethical form of tyranny. As for alternatives, a natural group's power dynamic can be perfect for governance, as long as the participants are aware of the "spook" of that dynamic and the size of the group is small enough for any tyrants to be able to be properly disposed of. If a group's natural dynamic also mirrors direct democracy im for it.


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Is this satirical? What part of transhumanism can be connected to anarchy? Any and every technological innovation given to you under capitalism will be used to undermine your own liberty and happiness. This is I D E O L O G Y at its worst. Almost entirely fluff and filled to the brim of techno-fetishism. TranHum is utopian and depends on the systems that cause human misery to sustain itself.


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Pretty meh contra, but I'd expect that from a champagne socialist. She didnt focus enough on large scale industrial civ being the cause of climate change and her suggestions are kinda shitty. I think the idea that we can vote or protest our way out of climate change is absurd. An end to human caused climate change would mean the creation of a non-growth based economy and the elimination of most modern amenities. As well as a population drastically smaller than it is now. Contrapoints makes it seem like you can keep your lifestyle with minor changes plus voting and fails to acknowledge that with great change, comes great sacrifice. Living in a world where this is resolved is living in a word where we lives our live completely differently. Contra is peddling a dangerous narrative that's arguably worse than whats being pushed by climate denialists.


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If you want to "affect change" you have to encourage people to organize and do something other than read together. If you want to make the site more entertaining you'll have to be patient and let the site grow organically. If you want to speed this growth, you'll have to shill the site on other lefitst platforms. Places like /leftypol/ on 8chan, /leftpol/,, reddit etc etc all have people looking for foss forums. One of your problems however is the fact that, other than being foss, brings nothing new to the table. Shit like peertube is federated and decentralized and so is mastadon. But is highly centralized and subject to the whims of one person. People here also enforce a very narrow view of opinion, causing conversation to be boring. So to sum it up here's what I'd suggest

1). Shill this site on other sites

2). Try to a create a culture here that encourages different species of leftists rather than tries to make them conform

3). Look into make the site more like mastadon(basically by making it easier to host your own instance and connecting them, maybe by having some universal front page common between all instances)


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1). The constant calls for "action" and "organization"

2). The tendency to consolidate opinions to a narrow acceptable window and punishing those who deviate

3). Banning people who arent trolls or spam

4). Posts that focus more on ingroup virtue signalling(like preaching to the choir) rather than original thought and implementation of ideas.


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Clearly the puerto ricans see this as a cheap trick to exploit a ravaged country. Yet they keep on saying their bullshit like "lol these dumb savages dont wont our help??? fuck em". For those who dont know this a common crypto scam. Here's a guide, so you can scam innocent people! 1). Create some bullshit project, whether it be seasteading or regernerating a community. Just make sure its a "change the world type of deal"

2). Make the cryptocurrency the project is centered around is something you have a large stake in

3). Make small useless prototypes of your bullshit project to show how great its all gonna be

4). Have investors see this, and buy a shit ton of your currency so they dont miss out on the next big thing

5). Have the value of your stake in the crypto massively go up then cash out.

These people make me sick.


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Holy shit youre a smug one. Intersectional theory, at its core, is a perspective that suggests that things like race and gender are not isolated in systems. Instead they are very much intermeshed. Many anarchists believe it is possible to "fight the the class struggle" and the "Race/gender struggle". Examples of intersectionality can be seen in the crusade against white feminism, which seeks only to improve the lives of an already privileged demographic. While it ignores the struggles of other women of colour. Intersectionality, when done right, is extremely important. Its critical to acknowledge that it isnt always "Rich v. not Rich", but rather a complex ordeal that involves gender and race. The "class struggle" and fighting for minorities doesnt have to be mutually exclusive, in fact, many say they should be heavily intertwined. Idpol is the shittier version of intersectionality. Like i said to /u/Anarcropolis idpol is essentially viewing politics through the lenses of ones identity, whether that be being black or a woman. Idpol in practice often means different groups competing to be the most "oppressed" and the creation of victim mentality that prevents real progress. It also often results in people going after specific issues related to their group and ignoring the cause. For instance, idpol in regards skin whitening products and the white beauty standard, would most likely mean a demand to see more diversity and body positivity in advertising. Should those companies concede, it would be considered a win. Intersectionality, when responding to that same issue, would recognize that by making people insecure about their skin color more products can be sold and see capitalism as the main issue instead of racism. The solution for them would be to work towards a post-capitalist society or implement socialism.

To be crystal clear: I hate idpol and support intersectionality.


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Politics through the lenses of different groups people identify as. But in reality, it often means liberal style oppression olympics rather than actual progress. Idpol encourages a victim mentality and actions that are meant more for getting more social capital rather than actually helping people. From the marxist perpespective, idpol serves as an obstacle as it cause people to see themselves as a member of an oppressed specific group rather than as part of the lower class. I dont use idpol as a synonym for "lol stop complaining minorities".


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If you step outside the anarcho-bubble there are some promising things. But you have to understand a few things first.

1). Collapse is a continuous process not a future event

People often refer to collapse as some far away thing, its usually said by people living comfy in the west. For them it isnt collapse until it affects them.

2). Theres two views, hope and no hope.

If you think there's a chance then you can get to work. If you dont, then you dont have to care, as there's nothing you can do. Either way you can cope.

3). No "revolution" will come at all. Leftists have this idea that once things get really bad people will "come to their senses" and see the glory of communism. This will not happen. You can tell because things right now are essentially a dystopia and get more dystopian every day with nothing new. Change will be conscious and planned out, not spontaneous

So now lets get to projections:

Climate is gonna be rough in alot of ways but not something that cant be dealt with. We will survive and maybe be better off, but its gonna hurt everyone. Politics have been showing a trend of simmering down. If you look at the day to day, media always makes it seem like its getting worse, but in terms of broad historical trends its getting more peaceful. Most conflict is proxy wars and we'll likely not see any major war anytime soon. Economically, we're fucked.

Action you can take:

On the climate side of things, all we can do is either slow it down or setup better shit in the future. Remember to focus less on "ethical" consumerism and actually change large institutions. For instance, rather than telling everyone to recycle the focus should be on getting companies to use more renewable methods of reusing containers. Or taking it into our own hands and cutting them out. Poltically, theres not much you can do other encourage self-reliance and "solidarity". People have no control in large elections, as its entire up to the money. Try to pick up skills and teach others. Remember to not shove any idea down anyone's throat. This will only build resentment. Just present your view and see if they take to it.

Final Verdict: Things are capable of getting better. Whether that happens mostly depends on us. But its really anyone's guess.