bananaguardian wrote

For clothes, I brought them down to the local homeless hangout and asked them to be passed around.

My gaming things were donated if they were in the local language or given away through social networks to others that can read English.

Books I got rid of long ago in favor of digital versions. Donated to my library before moving. Same goes for my music.

If you're referring to my method, I'm not sure I really have one. It was more of a massive purge then a few "clear out this box of things/drawer" seasons.


bananaguardian wrote

This is something I've been working on for the last few years. I've mostly pared my belongings down to what I consider the essentials and work on not impulse buying things like new hiking gear for example.

I've never counted my things though because I feel like that makes you just as obsessed with your things as people who have way more than they need.

I also try to apply it to other aspects of my life like diet (almost vegan), speaking (say only what needs to be said), etc.