balemaker wrote

You might want to consider stealing cheaper items you can sell and overtime save up enough to buy the laptop. Simply because there’s really no easy way of stealing such expensive things.

You can also look into carding but it’s a bit of an ethical grey area because even if you aren’t stealing from people, you’d be stealing their time by forcing them to deal with claiming fraud which can be a real pain in the ass.


balemaker wrote (edited )

No illegalist forums that I know of. There are forums like Dread, Torum, The Hub, and Envoy. All of which can be found on But even these forums have restrictions, like you can’t talk about weapons or really anything related to violence.

Also not a forum but if you’re looking for discussions on weapons manufacturing you can check out Deterrence Dispensed. There isn’t a forum I’m aware of but there is a Keybase chat. They aren’t explicitly illegalist and I find the community is made up of a lot of “Right-Libertarians” but it might still be useful.