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I don't think I've articulated myself very well; when I say "modern healthcare" I'm referring not to the medical industrial complex, but rather the technologies and sciences we've developed.

Two examples are that I wear glasses and I take hormones/underwent surgery for gender dysphoria, and while I think I could "survive" or stay alive without those things, I don't think I would do too well without them.

Is civilization necessary for having technology? Can't there be some technology while being anti-civ?


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I'm not strictly pro-civ, but I wouldn't yet call myself anti-civ either. I think one of the largest inconveniences would be healthcare. I have conditions that require me to be medicated in order to function. I don't think I can live for too long, let alone optimally, in a world without at least some modern healthcare. I wonder how that sort of thing can be addressed with non pro-civ arguments?


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I feel vulnerable when I share these things, but I don't mind opening up if it helps another person understand something.

In short, I relate to your post a lot. I'm trans, neurodivergent, and have DID stemming from C-PTSD and abuse. I, my main/core "persona", have a feminine gender identity, and I hid behind masculine alters because I never felt safe to front when I was younger.

I've struggled with DID and gender identity throughout my childhood and teen years. I developed many alters throughout the years to just get me through life, many of which were masculine or male, and some were agender. To make things even more complicated, my alters didn't all have the same sexuality; some were asexual, some were some were androphilic. This was all before I came out to myself as trans, so it added a lot of confusion to me understanding my identity. While I was aware that I would "switch" into a different "mode" in some situations, I didn't know what was happening, and it wasn't until adulthood that I learned I had DID due to the way some of my own memories were inaccessible because some alters were hiding them from me.

I now identify as a straight trans woman and I currently have only one other alter after "collapsing" many of the previous ones. I rarely dissociate these days, but both my alter and I are aware of each other and each other's identities, and we both understand that I'm the main "me".

Gender is weird, and I've found it easier to understand it not as some core feature of an individual, but rather as an attribute. With DID, there are many "personas", all of whom have different attributes - gender is just one of them. It might also help to discuss the issue with supportive people - maybe close friends, therapists, etc.


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  • commensalism (should be parasitism or mutualism)
  • herp-derp, der, durr, duh, doy, etc (ableist)
  • IQ (this is so often misused that the original definition is rarely known)
  • identity politics (Sometimes, identity is political, whether we like it or not. At other times, I want to be political about my identity, and I demand to be taken seriously when I do. A lot of Marxist/ML/MLM people shun identity politics, but they conveniently forget that common identities united oppressed people in those state capitalist regimes, especially LGBTQ people)
  • marijuana (should be cannabis)
  • omnivore (should be "carnist" when describing humans)
  • race (Ethnicity is a little better, but race is just downright awful. We're all the same fucking species.)
  • spirit animal (colloquial usage is insensitive to indigenous people of the Americas)
  • transgender(s), male(s), female(s) (rude - these are not nouns; they should be used as adjectives without the trailing 's')
  • transsexual(s) (being trans isn't a sexuality; this word pathologizes trans people)
  • travesty (transphobic etymology)