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aubsterlobster wrote

Not that they always follow all of their own rules.. but they aren't allowed to stop you if they lose sight of you. So go in the bathroom. That's why there are so many signs in there trying to determine people from stealing. If you his the diapers in a bag take your bag with you into the restroom, don't leave it in the cart. Also they aren't supposed to touch you and you don't have to stop for them. A police officer is the only one who can legally detain you. You don't have to follow them to any rooms and you can keep on walking right out to your car and leave if you want. Sometimes though the cops are already on their way so keep that in mind.. but seriously, they have to be sure before they try to say anything


aubsterlobster wrote

I would suggest not naming location in the future if you can.. just the store name maybe.. palm beach outlets tells where anyway but you know what I mean.. and not bc of anyone who posts here.. but there are LP/AP who lurk on forums like these constantly 👀 and I'm sure there's more since reddit's lifting community was banned. Js. Happy lifting.