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Watched the third trolls movie kiddo enjoyed, wife liked the gratuitous boy band references. its a trolls movie so its very average but very visually pretty.

Been in the mood to watch either phanotm of the opera or donnie darko


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Worked through an issue I was having thanks to a friend. Feel stronger, still weak, but stronger.

i think maybe I am ready to figure out some of the practical shit i need to figure out. we will see.

Unrelatedly think I am ready to step up my bread baking game. Gonna try some new stuff.

edit: also caved and went to the doc. Still sick but the meds make it manageable so thats helping me a ton too.


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Afropessimism fucks me up.

But like in a good way?

edit:sorry idk if ihave to be sorry but drunk thoughts coming out lol

sorry mayb you didn't need to know that.

fuc what do i know.


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TBF I think this is more to do with the troll stirring shit up than yaspora.

I ain't that user but like I personally have a short memory, I forgot about this shit. Fucking troll reminded me of it all over again.

Which is to say you are getting trolled right now.

edit: I was more or less trying to get at what ruminator said, they said it way better.


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I read it. Pretty average religous anarchism stuff, a lot of the book of mormon stuff they quoted was like rewrites of the christian scripture I'd a quoted when I was a Christian Anarchist. About what you'd expect. Cringiest part is this

High levels of crime often plague the poorest neighborhoods, cities, and countries, as many people find themselves in desperate situations and with little hope for the future. The Marxist author Bertolt Brecht expressed this point well in his play, Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan. In it, a prostitute laments:

I am far from sure that I am a good person. I would like to be, only, how should I then pay my rent? I will admit it then: I sell myself to live. . . I am ready to do anything, but who isn’t? Naturally I would be happy to be able to keep the commandments of child’s love and truthfulness; to not covet my neighbor’s house would be a joy to me, and to be true to a man would be pleasant. I would like to have to extort my living from no one, and not rob the helpless. But how should I do all this? Even when I violate only some of the commandments, I can still barely survive.11

When petty crime proliferates due to the masses living in difficult economic circumstances, we are left to choose between one of two options; to spend vast amounts of money to build more prisons and employ more police to fill them, or change the mode of production to eliminate poverty, which is at the root of the problem. As Brecht stated more succinctly, “Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral,” meaning that if people’s basic needs are met, they can then begin to think about being moral.

Second cringiest part is how much they brag about one of the mormon charity programs

"In every stake unemployed men and women were set to work sewing, farming, canning, repairing shoes and clothing, collecting furniture and gifts from church members and nonmembers.

All work was voluntary. No money was paid. To each man and woman a work certificate was given. When a worker needs anything he presents his certificate to the Bishop of his ward and he is given what he and his family need.

The certificates are not valued in dollars or cents. Their value depends upon the size of the family. Single men doing the same amount of work receive only what they require as bachelors . . .


It has accomplished this great task by calling upon every man woman and child in their communities to consider the welfare of others about them as their own, and to be willing to work for others not related by ties other than Christian fellowship. It has called upon every man, woman, and child to be personally responsible for the amelioration of the present crisis.

We repeat, all work was voluntary and personal. No money was paid in wages. And it was accomplished without calling in state aid"


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here is some of Kellogs own words from Old and Young. Prior to this section he talks about the sin of extramarital sex, and of seducing women without having sex. this is his opening on the section on madturbation.

If illicit commerce of the sexes is a heinous sin, self-pollution, or masturbation, is a crime doubly abominable. As a sin against nature, it has no parallel except in sodomy (see Gen. 19:5, Judges 19:22).


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Yeah, Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are something else.

There is also a more conservative split off of the mormons known as the Fundamental Latter Day Saints. IIRC. They are turbo fucked up.

The YMCA and Muscular Christianity are pretty interesting from a historical perspective too imo.

Fucking whatever his name Graham (the dude Graham crackers are named after) and Fucking Kellogg are really funny too in a fucked up way.


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I agree 100% Mutual aid as a concept was a major factor in me considering myself an An-com when I was a christian.

I mean there is a whole paragraph in Kropotkin about how one of the real life examples of what he was talking was found in the anabaptists (By coincidence, and not cause of Kropotkin, I also considered myself a neo-anabaptist).