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All people are complicated as is my wife. Its hard for me to square with the fact that she can be a bigot, especially when I have children with her. and It wasn't long ago that she did something that I swore I would never forgive. but then I saw her change as soon as she realized how awful she was being. and she fixed it and I honestly believe nothing like it will ever happen again. and that's really rare I think. So yeah at times I have probably hated her. But the weird thing is I can hate her and also really care for her at the same time.


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You know I probably paint my wife worse than she is. In part because I have no one to complain to so a lot ends up here. Like I can't complain to my friends because we share friends so that'd be weird.

Yeah she is super caring and she has seen me through some tough shit and like I have changed so much since we got married and she is still here which is kind of impressive honestly.

and my in-laws, who aren't great, their response has been pretty amazing too and they have gone out of their way to make stuff for me and they are like the only people that haven't given me a bunch of bullshit questions about being vegan either.

Also have u gotten the new vegan bloating and farting yet. I'm surprised you didn't comment on it.

I mean I am coming up on a year of being vegan now. I probably did post about it under my previous incarnation. I mean I go through bean burrito kicks and then it gets super bad.


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Multiple chains that partnered with the company [Beyond Meat], including McDonald’s, have quietly ended trial launches. In August, the company laid off 4% of its workforce after a slowdown in sales growth. Last week, its chief operating officer was reportedly arrested for biting another man on the nose during a road rage confrontation.

Even the meat industry’s biggest players have, ironically, invested in companies coming up with plant-based meat.

Some investors believed that plant-based meat would become what plant-based dairy alternatives have become to the dairy market, Baumgartner said. Dairy alternatives, like almond, oat and soy milk, now make up 15% of the market and are worth $2.5bn (£2.2bn). A third of Americans drink some kind of non-dairy milk weekly. [They go on to talk about lactose intolerance, price, and longevity being the factors for non-dairy milk]

Plant-based meat has also struck a nerve in America’s neverending culture wars. Ten conservative states in 2018 and 2019 outlawed the use of “meat” in labels for products that are not coming from animals, targeting the plant-based meat industry. Republicans took on a talking line in 2021 that Democrats were going after red meat as a part of Joe Biden’s climate plan, though it was based mostly on speculation and false reports.

Some funny quotes (the first and last ones) and some informative stuff.

Lots of talk about it not tasting right, it not being nutritionally better for you, it being more expensive, and it being a processed food. Frankly I always thought they tasted a bit like a gas station cheeseburger and, because I unironically liked gas station cheeseburgers, it really scratched an itch for me though the price and the fact its processed is a big part of the reason i don't buy it (not that I don't buy any processed food but I am working on cutting down on it slowly).


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I might expect this shit from an older generation but she is probably Gen X. Ok, so here is the first example that comes to mind

A female patient with pink hair comes up to the desk and heads to my coworker to make her next appointment. So she does all the normal stuff with the patient to get her scheduled etc. A few minutes after the patient leaves she turns to me and she goes,

"Hey, you saw that patient I was scheduling with the pink hair?"


"So I remember that I scheduled her for today's appt. too. When I was scheduling her I offered the next open appt time and she said, ' No I can't do that day because that is me and my boyfriends 1 month anniversary'"

My coworker pauses for me to respond and I am a little confused as to what she is trying to tell me. I assume she is thinking that its cute, funny, or gushy that she is celebrating a 1 month anniversary so I respond by saying,

"That's funny" , My coworker responds with a mix of moral outrage and shock

"She's 17! When I was that age I wasn't thinking about anything like that!"

So I guess 17 is too young to be thinking about boys. Like if the patient was 10 or smth I could maybe understand the shock but 17? Like she finds it offensive and shocking that a 17 year old has a boyfriend and maybe possibly is thinking about sex (though the patient themselves didn't bring up sex at all according to her story).


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Another vague hint on where I work thats probably going to make it sound more mafia. Today my boss was actively encouraging me and my coworkers to participate in a reasearch study that our organization is doing that is literally a genetic test like in this video.


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So all I know of Darth Maul is from the movie, I never saw the cartoons so maybe thats the toxic masculinity/cultist bit? I don't remember anything toxic masculinity like in the movie anyway.

Basically what I remember is epic flips, epic soundtrack, epic horns, and epic lightsaber plus there is something about a villain that chooses not to talk somehow his silence makes him scarier which kind of appeals to me (I am very quiet around people I don't know well and everyone just assumes its because I am annoyed by them(that usually isn't the case I am just quiet until i know to what degree to trust you)).