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I got one word for you: /f/fuckdave

Been awhile but his argument is basically that UBI would lead to a reduction of government control because conservatives would use it as an excuse to phase out all the government welfare programs. With less welfare programs there is less government. Then, with people able to afford shit, many of the governments that are business would die out because people would refuse to work pointless jobs and have the capability to pursue their actual interests.

Even if I agreed with this premise he is somehow confusing no government with less government. Doesnt seem anarchist to me anyway.


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In a pargraph talking about period trackers

ave suggested that people use the apps “in whatever chaotic fashion people who don’t understand periods might use them,” such as tracking D&D sessions.


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I havent rented in awhile so maybe things are diffferent. Depending on where you are its going to be tricky. Like around here they fucking do credit checks. But if you get a place that isnt super strict. They usually want copies of bank statements that show you are gettinf regular income. many of them want demonstrable proof via bank statement that rent is no more than 30% of your income some are ok with 50%. If you can prove it averages out that way you might have a shot.

I woyld try talking to who evere is writing the check and see if you can at least get monthly or biweekly checks. makes proving stuff easier. But it might work if you can prove a monthly average.

Otherwise try and flex your large savibgs account to a landlord (assuming you have one) might work but who knows.

Last option is seeing if you have family that are willing to rent to you. Can be risky because its your family but they might be more understanding of the situation.


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Honestly I think wife's going to veto it she wants me to find somethinf that I dont think exists honestly.

Big concern, if I go that route, is that I dont know anyone with a tractor so I wont be able to practice what I learn on youtube or whatever until starting day.