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ah, no need to apologize, honestly I dont really expect anyone to read my stuff, its always a pleasant surprise when people interact.

I guess I feel mixed. Sort of burnt out but hopeful.

I will echo the "need to work" stuff. It messes me up to. It frustrates me because I dont have the energy to put into things I actually want to do. I am working towards working less soon, we will see if it pans out though, money has been really tight lately despite me making some smart moves in that area.

My relationship with my wife took a drastic 180 so things have been much better, she has changed a lot in a short period of time and we have a much better dynamic now.

There is a couple other things coming up that I am looking forward too.


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It can also be helpful to express that taking a more active role in the household can be important for men's own self-growth and journey of feminist allyship. "When men are encouraged to participate more in tasks that their partner would do, they not only realise how much energy it was sapping from their partners, but it builds their own confidence and sense of achievement," she explains. "We are living in a critical time in terms of realising gender equality, and many men were not raised or encouraged to do household tasks as it would have been done by their mother or other female relatives. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but we must make this change."

I found this conclusion humorous. The whole thing is about the (valid) concern that women have to play parent/maid for their male partners. and then they tie the article together on a very parental note basically saying, "Your mans parent failed to teach them chores so its up to you to teach them"

Its really odd.


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Yeah debtors can force you to sell almost anything to satisfy a debt including your home unless the state has homestead laws (i believe most do). how often that happens I dont know and they got to get approval from a judge.

In TN you get an exemption on personal property up to 10,000 dollars. They also cant force you to sell your clothes, your family photos, and "the family Bible"


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So if anyone cares. Homestead laws are basically laws that keep organizations from forcing a sale of your home to pay off a debt.

In TN law there is a homestead exemption (basically a dollar amount) meaning they can force you to sell your house but they have to make sure you get the exemption amount first and then they take the rest of the proceeds needed to pay back the debt. tthey are also allowed to garnish 25% of your check.

In my state they simply arent allowed to force a sale (though they can get a levy) and they cant garnish the check of someone getting state assisstance.

so vastly different picture depending on how and when my state law applies.


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Nah, resolutions aint my bag.

I do have a short term goal though which doesnt have anything to do with it being a new year.

I am determined to quit my second job.

Which means I have to cut down expenses drastically.

Which mostly means not paying my school loan. Which is going to screw my dad over as cosigner but I am determined to do it at this point.

So I have been reading laws on collections and what not to see whst the consequences to me may be. theres only one thing throwing me off. Theres a clause in my loan agreement that says any claims related to the loan are in the personal jurisdiction of the state the bank is in (Tennessee). So I am trying to figure out what that means especially in terms of homestead laws because thats a huge deal. Like when does my state law apply and when doesnt it if the claim is in the jurisdiction of another state.

giving me a headache.


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poor shark is thinking of self-mutilation because the person they love cant accept them for who they are.

But also the Rats got it bad, I mean imagine being confessed to while you are actively mourning your murdered wife. oof.