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asstrain wrote

"I'm inconsistent in my views, and accept hierarchy in that if I like it."

Anarchists, every Goddamn time.

The only solution to Capitalism isn't your Utopianism. It's to develop a class consciousness and let the workers rule themselves. Free from states, free from law, free from tax.


asstrain wrote

The problem with this definition of communism or socialism is that it can’t possibly mean anything concrete. It simply means what you can project yourself on to. Political ideologies are social constructs that change with the wind. So “true whatever-the-hellism” is mainly a projection.

Because like going with something like the Paris Commune, they still had leaders and elections and that and still produced things. It was an incredibly unique emergency situation like any other war or battle. They really didn’t have deep political ideologues.

But that aside, where else would real communism exist? Well probably just in people’s imaginations of political essentialism.