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You mentioned:

" "non-sectarian." lol. Another way of saying they hide behind a convenient noncommittal centrism to host, what, drivel from some random blogger? "

Nothing about this post was a random blog post. Pay more attention, is what I'd like to say, but I won't because I also want this conversation to end.


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Did you read the roller? It's not overly specific, but fill in the names if you must. I did. Did you listen to the podcast where someone from thecollective comments on each post? Does Anarchist News have to leave a comment on every single article they post? Anarchist News is a non-sectarian source of news by and for anarchists. You're confining someone that is simply posting a text as good faith / bad faith / incite knee-jerk reactions or no. Anarchist News, thinking outside your wet cardboard box construct since 2004.


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AJODA #60 was an issue specifically focused on the topic of democracy: There are two authors from that issue currently missing from your list, to perhaps include. Currently 201 texts listed here. Certainly not all what you're looking for, but perhaps some hidden gems.