asere_que_vola wrote

Curious before you made this post, did you try reaching out to the actual librarians of the French and Spanish projects or did you just hope that asking here would help somehow?

I can tell you that the Spanish language project is very slow and they don't always have Internet, so in the past some of my emails there have taken a month or two for a response. I have also heard that the French language project has been AFK, but I haven't double checked when their last post actually was.

What was your upload to the Spanish project? Was your formatting okay or was a lot of post-submission work required? If not, it's not the job of the librarians to fix terrible formatting on every text they get, especially if no contact email was left.


asere_que_vola OP wrote

Really? I see one of ANews main tenets for the lulz. Historically as project, it has been associated with anarchists who value humor and can be seen reflected on website. Yearly April Fools' stories, the infamous image rollers from worker that were often bellyached about as having too much snark, the entire website comments and all being turned into book of crossword puzzles and anarchist memories. There can be some pretty funny comments sometimes, along with tags, topics, funny images, and some rollers. ANews is way funnier than PGH distroismo.