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Have not read a whole lot, but I kinda liked the parts of bread book I listened to, The Parts of Stirner, Neo-Nihilism was good, I also liked Communist Manifesto


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They just seemed weird. They just always seemed angry because of everything.


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Consider a market place on T0r. You buy packs of hundreds for a few Euros. For payment if you have Monero Wallets that would be best, you would try to buy Bitcoin via a cash ATM, Bitcoin ATMs exist in most major cities, then use multiple Monero Wallets, maybe multiple Liquid Accounts, and then you can convert it back to bitcoin and use a bitcoin Tumbler, many markets come with them


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I honestly have had hard times trying to setup postmill, but youth post was just so poorly written and had so much rambling, like this post. It was full of unneeded and confusing information. Yet people still tried to help you. Postmill and Raddle are not the same thing , Postmill is the script /Cms which Raddle runs on. Someone calling you a cop does not make them a fake anarchist, and other people not helping you does not make hem a fake anarchist, and you do not need to support cryptocurrency to be an anarchists.