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such as telling a woman he'd commit suicide if she didn't sleep with him.

That's awful. Do you remember where you heard that from? It might be useful to add to the GeekFeminism article that lists other allegations and controversies he was involved in.


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i know this is a joke but it is weirdly compelling. only problem is i have never seen a drag queen that is attractive to me in the same way that a woman is. if i were to see one i think i would have to choose option 2. although this breaks down if we add genitals into the picture.

they would break up with their partner if they came out as trans bc they would still view them as the wrong gender in the same paragraph.

if you're straight and your partner comes out as trans, wouldn't it be transphobic to still be attracted to them? like it would be perceiving that person as still their old gender.


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Frankly, life is too short to read people like Delueze and Spivak. I have a job I enjoy, friends I like to talk to, political volunteering I need to do, and fiction I like to read. I mostly read a lot of "readers" and secondary sources for that reason.

EDIT: to expand on this I think there is a reason academics use some of the jargon they use and it's useful in communicating with other academics. some works just aren't meant for people who don't have phds in the subject.

also i saw an interesting opinion in r/CriticalTheory:

Judith Butler's 'A Bad Writer' Bites Back' addresses this.
Zizek's well known quote: “We feel free because we lack the very language to articulate our unfreedom.” is another way of articulating the need for new language and concepts as well.
I think bad writing can tend to be jargon heavy but that's a condemnation of presentation/style rather than the jargon itself.


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It was

Universal-Bypass - Open-source browser extension to "circumvent sites which make you wait (like, make you do something (e.g., and and even trackers (such as bit[dot]ly or"

and it got caught on bit[dot]ly so I removed that.


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I'm starting to see a lot of Nigerian guys too, especially in mathematics.


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m0nkrus's Master Collection is the easiest way because it is pre-cracked.

I prefer CCMaker because it downloads the original Adobe CC application installers and then cracks them on your computer. People have reported getting 404 errors when using CCMaker before, although I didn't get any when I tried it earlier today.

Also, I have found that the applications from CC 2018 and earlier tend to be easier to manage and tend to get uncracked less. If you don't need the latest and greatest I would go with the 2018 versions of any Adobe CC applications you want.