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are all his writing saying so little with so many words

Every single thing he writes feels like it was a High School assignment with a minimum word count. Its terrible. I much prefer Ocalan for that reason.

I'm assuming he wrote it before communalism as he seems to be fine with individualist-anarchism.

Decades before, I believe.


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I was bombarded with people telling me there was no point in taking action in Britain because the Chinese were killing the planet.

This is still a common opinion to find; and perhaps the most frustrating one, since its not a denial of climate change nor a liberal fix, but a declaration that they just don't give a shit to stop it.


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may withdraw only with the approval of the confederation as a whole

This seems to me it holds the same exact connotation of the 'social contract' used by liberals historically and today- one is opted in by default, and may only opt out if everyone allows them to.


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Most shootings are either based in racism, class struggle, or mental circumstance; this goes from armies to cops to school shooters. Most school shooters in the US wouldn't have picked up arms if American culture tackled racism instead of embracing it, if the world were more equal for all, and if people weren't so often ridiculed and bullied.

The answers to all of these, as usual, can't realistically be found in liberal or conservative politics, so I suppose the generic answer I can offer is 'socialism but not the brocialist kind' as to give a world less likely to push people to these things. Of course, I also think gun violence shouldn't be tackled specifically, but instead violence itself regardless of the tool.

These probably aren't the best answers I can give, its not a topic I've specifically researched and I'd need to hear more not-liberals give a stance on it before I declare something definitively to be what I think is right.


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In March, a report said the government had bought a total of 140 purifiers to ensure that officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, could breathe easy.

Oh, good. I was worried the rich might need to face the results of their actions for a moment.


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With the exception of Chile, the US has four times as many gun-related murders as the two next most violent countries in the developed world.

Except for a country with more gun murders, the US has more gun murders. Also, the statistic of 'gun murders' still seems dumb; of course areas with less guns have less gun murders. How many murders do they have, though?

Take the Black Lives Matter protests. They’ve been belittled by Republicans and make many Democrats nervous when participants talk about how the historic and outsized use of force against black Americans is real, unnecessary and still happening.

Yet, historically, gun control is first pushed against minorities (especially black people) to the point where Republicans were supporting gun control against the Black Panthers and similar movements. If anything, it disproportionately harms minorities in that only cops get to keep guns, being the ones who often use forces again black Americans. Often this is followed by an argument of "in the UK/France/etc the cops don't have guns" by liberals in my experience- yet in the UK there were the London riots sparked by pigs murdering a black man, and in France the gendarmerie can be seen patrolling Paris with rifles.