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Yay, glad you've gone vegan! 😍

I hate your methods

I don't mind whether you like me or not, as long as you don't abuse animals. 🙂

I don't think that any vegan method of outreach can ever go anywhere near any carnist method of slaughter in meanness, so in my eyes pretty much anything goes, even (or rather, especially) bus hijacking.

I love raddle too, even when I just lurk. I found ziq's essay for friendship, against community building so refreshing, like the opposite of gelderloos' consensus decision making book. I also have a lot of liberalism to unlearn.


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comrade, you should read more theory since you clearly haven't gotten the memo that horses and cows merely are an extension of ourselves, like a smartphone. if you read more books you'd know that under anarchism you are permitted private property, like toothbrush and horse, so of course syndicalist bounty hunters will go after you if you go against consensus. how else would you install anarchism even??¿?!


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Reply to comment by postleftpuppy in Hopelessness by postleftpuppy

What do you say to the murderer who’s already committed murder. How do you move on.

There's a big difference between a murderer who regrets and one who continues to kill. If you "move on" with that last one, you're enabling murder.

 What do you suggest? Ditching them as friends, being alone. What’s the plan, that they will feel bad and toxically try to cut out meat so they can be friends with me?

Yes, exactly, that last one.

If our friends don't feel deeply ashamed when eating babies around us then we have failed.

Cutting out "meat" is never toxic though.


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I don't see the issue with getting angry at those who support gas chambers. I have more of a problem with those who aren't and just talk about health benefits and taste and texture of plantbased. It's a kind of toxic positivity.

It's ok to upset carnists. That makes them remember the conversation.

Thank you for being angry.


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Yea, I love Joey's street talks, but also like Channel 5 (previously all gas) going and crossing border wall and interviewing armed tranq dealing gang and car bippers. In those settings it's dangerous to push back as journalist. I like how Channel 5 also has longer interviews with people in precarious circumstances, and like just featuring an extended interview with a Bangladeshi person crossing US-Mexico border, even though they couldn't speak same language.


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i can see people who care enough to give their dog a special diet instead of just the cheapest kibble might also take more care in their dogs in other ways.

I'm glad they didn't attempt to take that into consideration! From the article:

“The key limitation of our study is that we didn’t have a population of animals locked up in a research facility and fed one specific diet without any alteration,” Knight said.


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I am going to be a bit mean here.

I have heard "hopeless" carnists say this too much: "I can't save the planet on my own. The slaughter will not end by me not eating meat." And then, while eating a hotdog, they pray for poltisjunz to dooo sumthin for the poor animuls.

What I am saying is that "hopelessness" is a convenient double-think of pretending to care while doing nout.

"Hopeless" also sounds way more edgy than "indifferent" or "complacent", but if you just use it to give people a pass ...

But I’m not upset at individuals in my life that arn't because like, I have 0 hope. 

... then it is just complacency.

Idk, I don't believe that individuals changing will do anything.

Sure. And we're never going to eliminate car violence so when my friend drives drunk and mows down yet another child then I also just shrug, because an individual changing won't do anything. Why would that even upset me?