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Just seems very strange to me given that the use of covid as an excuse for a global transformation into a world dictatorship is basically the ultimate example of fascism in human history. You would think a group called "antifa" would be fighting against these measures, not for them.

Good on you seeking out antifascists to connect and discuss with.

I think it's important to understand "antifa" as more than a label or an identity, although there are many egos that are attached to the identity. Antifa is really shared ideas and beliefs about how to counter those organizing power that will be used for (systemic or institutional) offensive force.

Its not a false flag or some grand conspiracy. The media does have an interest in keeping you ignorant though, and its the editors and owners that ensure their message. The media calls them Antifa, because a boogie man keeps you watching.

In reality, the reason why you see so-called antifa opposing anti-masker and antivaxxers, is because the latter are ideologically opposed to the former. Just because they're wearing black and are counters protesters, doesn't mean there is some agreement among "antifascists" about mask and vaccine mandates.

Antifa are practices informed by broad beliefs on the left, which includes people who identify as Communist and Socialist - both which believe the State should be used as a means to an end. They may feel positively about the mandates.

Most of this forum are people who have anarchist tendencies and I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't be counter protesting anti mask/vaxers. Doesn't mean they are politically aligned though.

I'm vaccinated, because I was coerced by my employer. Otherwise, I don't trust the state or medical industry. With that said, so far in my observation, the vaccine seems to be statistically beneficial.

I wear a mask, because I'm empathetic and I love the anonymity.

You wouldn't catch me protesting or counter-protesting at an antivax/antimask protest. Theres just a lot of ignorance to unpack there from my perspective.


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Reply to COVID19 is a scam by piss

Heh, jeez. You're down a rabbit hole with a lot of misunderstandings. Lucky for you, you somehow ended up here. Just stick around and keep reading the content here.

A lot of it is gonna be a hard pill to swallow at first, but try to digest it and keep coming back.

And don't let the down votes get ya down.


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Reply to comment by Kinshavo in An Anarcho-Taoist Manifesto by Kinshavo

I came to daoism through anarchism, but find that daoism influences my anarchisms, especially informing my egositic and nihilistic tendencies.

I've been hesitant to post daoist shit here, mainly because I assumed folks here were zen like Buddhist peeps.

IMHO, a (anarcho, prr-religious) daoist forum would be cool to collect the insights into the intersections of the two philosophies.


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but there also exists a literal life cult I think is just as widespread as the position you describe (at least where scientific materialism has left its mark). but its not a life cult for deeply questioning why life is worth living and how to live qualitatively better, but instead takes a quantitative approach to the prolongation of life no matter the cost.

Thank you for making this point - I often make this point, and when I do, I point to chapter 50 in the dao de ching. I find the life-cult especially present in ancoms through to socalists - and somehow they get caught in a web of disassociating one from their own agency. (not to say that I haven't crossed paths w/ self identified egoists or nihilists that do the same, but generally they seem less susceptible).

to me, both the idealist neglect of the body in favor of spirit and the materialist neglect of what it means to live over living longer, faster, stronger etc. are both dead-end outlooks.

I feel like chapter 50 points to that, and that knowing who you are (I, not ego) actually is liberation from either dead-end.