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I'm not sure if I fully understand the context of what you're trying to accomplish, but couldn't you just start the program in your shell or script, with a redirect or pipe to /dev/null?

$ foo > /dev/null


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In 2007 in the US, regulatory emissions added a part called DPF - diesel particulate filter, which is negatively impacted by non petroleum based diesels. The DPF is essentially a special catalyatic coverter. It has rare earth minerals that captures particulates and then does a "regen", where it burns off the captured materials every ~15k miles or something like that.

You can make new diesels run on biodiesel, but you have to illegally delete the DPF.


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Ah, yes you are right. I was thinking of primitivism, not the larger anticiv critique. Specifically I had in mind (albeit, mistakenly) this passage:

Primitivists reject technology. We just reject the inappropriate use of technology.



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I agree with and understand your points... No doubt or argument about the discrepancy of power, or men's systematic abuse of women.

My only reaction is that we are all animals, to suggest otherwise is human supremacy. So while I understand your reaction, I humbly submit that I did not intend to offend anyone as "an animal".


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I have personally been subjected to narcissistic abuse by a female. And Amber Heard strikes me as having all the same characteristics as someone with NPD. Your sex and gender do not excuse you of accountability.

With that said, Depp is not without fault. He's a drug addict and shows all the behaviours of a controlling and abusive codependent (the yin to a narcissist's yang).

IMHO: No one should defend either of these rich and smug celebrity assholes.


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How so?

My PoV:

Time is a concept, a measurement like distance or money.

The only thing that is "real" is now. It has always been now and never not been now. Daoist philosophy (re)introduced me to reality and it doing so, I gained an understanding the history of time as a concept used as a colonizers and imperialist tool, as a tool of domination.

Is that what you mean?