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It sounds more like you hate white American kids. Doesn't matter what generation they come from, white Americans have always been shit and will always be shit. The world is literally going down in flames / floods because of North American entitlement, privilege and waste. One culture has doomed us all. The boomers were even worse because in the 60s during the Vietnam war they pretended to give a shit, flower power, back to the land, stick it to the man and all that, but the state abolished the draft and by the 80s they were the scummiest generation of all time; the wealth-fetishizing yuppies that kickstarted the global collapse we're in the middle of.


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they aren't forcing anyone

This is what causes all the tensions between anticivs and socialists. Socialists assume anticivs are working to destroy civilization the way socialists work to destroy capitalism via a violent revolution.

But anticivs don't work towards a revolution or think such a thing is in any way attainable. They simply recognize all the factors that have led us here - to this unprecedented mass extinction event we're in the middle of. Not just capitalism / statism - but all manufactured structural systems, starting from the invention of agriculture - which created private property, slavery, policing, wealth / poverty, hunger, greed, etc.


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I understand that leftists on mainstream social media sites spew the 'primmie garbage, ableist, reactionary, terf, go eat berries' cliches everywhere and it's hard to get out of the habit of the collectivist-shaming games that leftists engage in almost out of habit, but you'll find the political discourse on raddle is a different animal.

That kind of rhetoric gets a lot of push back because it reminds us of the authoritarian circlejerks we came here to escape. It's important to have a developed understanding of the concepts you're critiquing instead of throwing out buzzwords to dismiss the well-thought-out critiques of other users.

There are probably also more anti-civ vegans on this site than anywhere else, so you're barking up the wrong tree by assuming anticivs are carnists. Theyr'e anticivs because they trace the root of hierarchy and misery to civilization instead of merely stopping at capitalism. Which means they spend a lot of time thinking about ways to overcome hierarchical and oppressive systems... so they're more likely to be vegan than your average anarchist as they understand how oppressive agriculture is to both humans and non-humans.