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Just think of anticiv as the critique of ecocide and a celebration of ecologocal diversity, the way anarcha-feminism is the critique of patriarchy and a celebration of womanhood and relationship anarchy is the critique of the hierarchies that arise in intimate relationships and a celebration of sexual autonomy.

...Queer anarchy, tranarchy, neurodiversity, none of these things are political programs or plans to build a society that revolves around these issues, they're just ways to think about the oppression and alienation created by social hierarchy so these hierarchies can be exposed to scrutiny and eventually overrided.

All these things together make up anarchy because anarchy is about resisting all oppressive institutions, without exception.


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So do you not agree with water protectors taking a stand against pipelines because they're not inventing an alternate fuel? Do they need to write step by step instructions on how to maintain global supply chains without oil before you'll accept their critique of oil? Bullshit.


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The difference is super obvious to anyone who isn't a giant darknet nerd. People from tor coming here to sell child porn, guns, slaves, hits, credit card numbers, explosives and fentanyl (plus ddosing the site for weeks) vs. people on clearnet promoting plumbing, pool-cleaning and yoga services. These are not the same.

Requesting tor IPs to not get banned, for the clearnet site to be blocked, and insisting you don't see the difference between abuse from tor and clearnet, while claiming raddle's rules will make all the tor spam magically cease to exist wins you the most ridiculous raddler of the year award. Congratulations.


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Not a strawman. You're petitioning the admins to close access to and force all traffic through tor, knowing full well it would result in an onslaught of child porn rings, fascist hatemongers and drug / gun markets like every other darknet forum. Maybe some of us don't want to be exposed to that? But your ideological anti-censorship boner is more important than the safety of everyone else on raddle.

The Darket isn't anti-hierarchy as you're presenting it when it allows abusers to escape accountability and creates the conditions for unrestricted capitalism like child sex slavery and fentanyl markets. Running a tor site still requires money to pay for internet access and to host the server, it's still a hierarchy even if you're not paying ICANN for a .com. And it's a hierarchy that also enables child abuse and enriches abusers, so stop pretending it's an anarchist technology. There's no such thing.

I'm against drug dealers because fuck your profits. Capitalists who traffic addictive poisons to line their pockets aren't anarchists.

I don't see how avoiding talking about the header would help... In any case finding the address is not that hard, so if someone was looking for it, they would find it.

You even admit you - a raging tor nerd - didn't know about it. Spambots don't read the sidebar of a random forum, they're not here to learn about site operations, they're here to spam. Automatically redirecting tor spam (so almost all tor activity) through the onion would make it impossible for the mods to control spam and force everyone to abandon raddle to avoid being exposed to kiddy porn and nazis on a daily basis.

Not that you give a shit about any of this when you're pretending there's no difference between clearnet and tor activity.


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maybe you could do the same thing with

That's silly. Clearnet isn't filled with fascist pedo fentanyl peddlers whining about censorship while trying to sell cp.

All anarchists should support and use Tor and onion services!

Smh @ this ancap bullshit. Anarchy means freedom of association, not giving up control of anarchist spaces to drug dealers and pedos (edit: because you appear to be shaming admins into allowing unfettered access to tor, ignoring the fact that it would turn raddle into voat)

Though this is true in general (for clearnet), Tor "operators" can't stop the abuse

Sure they can, they just choose not to for the same ideological "free speech" bullshit you're pushing. They design the network, they decide how it works. They can make tools to detect ddoses and spambots and rate limit them if they choose.

Is this the reason Raddle's onion address is not in the header

Way to go advertising this to the spambots so the admins have to block the .onion too. For someone so into tor, you have piss-poor security culture.