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I lurk here because I'm finding nearly every post pertains to the USA- I live on the other side of the world, so don't have much to contribute to the posts. Will try and remedy this by posting from time to time :-)


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Will's friends are saying that Emma / Emmi was most likely just an alias that he used for online antifascist work.

"As far as we (friends of the fallen) know, this isn't accurate. Emma was likely a nom de guerre for the purposes of antifascist work online. And while no shortage of love for us trans comrades was shown, he used exclusively male pronouns and hadn't hinted otherwise to any of us."

Also this:

"So, what I've been told by comrades close to Will is that Emma is just an internet name, the "deadname" FB post is a tounge-in-cheek use of the term, and that the song "I was a girl" is about someone else. You have my sincere apologies for muddying the waters.

I'm told that he's an incredible and swell comrade to us trans folks and I respect the shit out of that. I want to honor his memory properly, and most important, I think, is that we realize how awful it is that property destruction in pursuit of justice was met with murder.

Please, once again, spread the word. Again, I'm real sorry. I want to trust those folks closest to Will. And as for the name Emma, that's his nom de guerre and I hope he wouldn't be too torn up about people using it! #WillemVanSpronsen #EmmaDurutti"

Recall also that in his last statement that he mailed to his comrades he referred to himself using male pronouns.