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It's how I've just always made sense of the world. We create our own 'reality' to an extent and even more so when individuals begin interacting with one another -- I like to understand this process and use it to my advantage. I suppose you could look at occultism as a tool for personal growth and in my experience it's about using belief as a tool in order to create situations. It's fun because in the process of using certain beliefs as tools (tool isn't the write word, as it's not something separate from myself) I find real connections to ideas and it fuels my desire to understand anything and everything to the best of my abilities.

I feel more than I think so logic doesn't really do much for me.

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A lot of trans and queer FB groups and friends of mine have had their accounts reported in mass. I seriously believe there to be a somewhat organized effort to do this. Upon looking over most of their pages they are all radlibs or centrists. Hiding behind their 'biology is not bigotry,' garbage.