amongstclouds wrote

This a chance for dialogue and not ideological shit flinging -- asking me the cure to all of these deeply systemic problems is a quick way to simply ignore anything I may say in response because I'll never answer all of it.

How could we go about escaping the in-goup/out-group behavior without brainwashing people to perpetuate a literal dictatorship of the majority, wherein if a minority forms then there is no way to stop that majority from using the apparatus of democracy to simply call for another vote to deal with a serious thorn in it's side?

Compromise is not part of the equation.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Remember if these people are bold enough to go straight for these kinds of high-value targets just imagine what they would do to you and those you love?

This should be a wake up call for a wave of far-right violence that is just testing the waters. It's never been us vs them. The web is much more intricate and confusing than that.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

It's called controlled opposition.

The 'left' and the right in mainstream politics, at least in the US are literally two sides of the same fascist coin. One of them will grant rights, then the other strips them, then they grant them, then they strip them. It's all to keep us playing the game.