amongstclouds wrote

It boils down to three things: power; the big Nazi fascination thst swept Occultism in Europe before and after WW2; and the fact that the majority of occult writers were racist old white men.

This isn't the fault of Occultism itself, as it's a very diverse field of study. It just happens that the reactionaries are loud and devoted.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

I don't actually like reducing people to mindless NPC's. I mostly do it to disrupt bigots.

If you use their argument against them they suddenly start wanting to situation it as THEIR insult, while also complaining about 'identity politics,' as I think irony is a great weapon. Most people whocomplain about 'idpol,' tend to only be upset that their personal identity isn't being positioned in the center, which has nothing to do with intersectional theory, but that's a whole other distinction to be made.

We shouldn't be rationally engaging these people but instead making their existence as uncomfortable as they already do to some of the most marginalized people.