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I'm not caring anymore about these elections. If he wins, we lose. If he loses, we lose anyway. The struggle continues.

He's going to spend all day on social media saying shit, reverting progress made in favor of the minorities day after day. He doesn't know anything about economy (and anything that requires years of study) and he despises the political processes.


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Reply to comment by ziq in Ways to destroy a billboard by alqm

I simply wrote "vote null" with the anarchism symbol, white paint over black background, right over his face.

This candidate was stabbed in the gut today. He didn't die, unfortunately.


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I know what you mean, but it's the only way to keep contact with the other activists from my country. They won't all change away from it. I always try to get people to use libre alternatives, but they're reluctant.

Anyway, your tips will help me get it right this time. I have been using Tor and uBlock (not together). I might try again using a new phone number and email, adding people slowly, trying to be more like a new user.