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What's the most popular argument from right-wingers to deny climate change? I hear "the climate has always changed, it's proven" all the time. I asked my father why he can believe this and not the other. It comes down to his politics. He only listens to right-wingers like Trump. When someone they know is a leftist or anarchist tries to talk, he shuts down his brain and only make fun of it.


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Brazil has an equivalent presidential candidate for 2018 (Bolsonaro), who is popular among men seeking the right to own guns and those who hate homosexuals. His comic propaganda comes saying something with "Patriot" and lots of military images. The guy is a joke, yet many are intoxicated by his radical ideas to totally transform Brazil into the second military dictatorship in history.

Even my father likes him, as if he was some kind of hero coming to save everyone in the coming elections...


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Any north americans here able to comment on how is Trump's popularity now among the population? I wonder when the impeachment will come.


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Zioooon! Hear meee! It is true, what you heard... the MACHINES ARE DIGGING!

             - Morpheus

Also, "you're going to help us, Mr. Anderson... whether you want to or not!"