alex_ wrote (edited )

why are there so many tankies on instagram/online in general? shit sucks. unrelated, i really don’t feel like doing anything lately, not depressed right now though at least, just lazy. hope everyone had a good week.


alex_ wrote

Where you seem to see a small group of mods, I see a lot of people who are missing out on the opportunity to join Raddle and become them.


also cue someone saying “but reddit just has a larger audience/i can convert libs” or some ignorant shit like that

i couldn’t give a shit about alts because if you hang around long enough you generally know who is who, and if you don’t does it really matter?


alex_ wrote

Just watched Venom, it was goofy and poorly-written in my opinion, but entertaining.

Literally just finished Farenheit 11/9. It was kind of interesting but not much in it was new to me. Feel like it would’ve been better as episodes of a show.