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it should also be noted that psychology is a much broader field than psychiatry. i say this not to distance psychology and defend it, but to say that i assume we are talking about things like cognitive and behavioral therapy, and not things like neuropsychology and social psychology, two things i know little of outside of a few specific academic classes.


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i’m not downvoting you but i will answer your question. many people are anti-psychology because psychology as a field promotes a form of normative behavior, and calls things outside of that behavior wrong, or sees it as something to be corrected and fixed. psychology unfortunately is very much married to civilized capitalist society, and therefore is not radical and will not, as a medical field, even be able to fix the things it sees as problems.

psychiatry takes this a step or two further (depending on your country of residence i suppose, see further). first, the American Psychiatric Association is the organization that authors the DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is essentially a dictionary of diagnoses. i hope i don’t have to explain why this whole undertaking can be problematic. secondly, and more importantly in my opinion, psychiatry is big on medicinal fixes. which can be helpful but does not fix the root of anything. and not to be the “big pharma guy” but also, big pharma.

while i think there’s the tendency by the anti-psychiatry/psychologist crowd to conflate the two, i don’t think that’s exactly unfair. and the superiority some psychologists feel above psychiatrists because they don’t prescribe medicine should definitively be questioned as they both have issues.

all this being said there are radicals and anarchists within the mental health field, some of which i’m sure are psychologists or psychiatrists (though i wouldn’t give these people a pass simply based off their radical politics). these fields are not without useful tools that we should take for ourselves. no one’s telling you to not go to therapy, we are simply questioning the institution and field as it is, with it’s history of racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia, as well as its love for civilization and for normalizing individual behavior inside a system that is inherently fucked (capitalism).

lastly it’s important to repeat, no one’s telling you not to go to therapy, no one’s telling you not to take your SSRIs. do what you feel helps you. this criticism is not on any one’s individual behavior but on the behavior of a field of study that tries to advocate for a world we see as fucked while telling us what is and isn’t “normal.”


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i watched The Favourite and went from liking it well enough, to hating it, to be annoyed by it while watching it. i just think the story was not for me. i did like the cinematography though and the use of music.