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I was just joking about the projecting thing earlier, but I think you may actually be. Stalking me around just to announce your own existence. You seriously should get some help.


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The thing is that it is just like other forms of anarchy. Just an ideal and unlikely to actually happen in reality, so saying it relies on "human extinction and collapse" is mostly beside the point. It is hard to imagine any future at the moment that doesn't involve mass death which would end us anywhere besides some massive homogenized surveillance state.

The core premise of anarcho-primitivism is that technology is contingent on hierarchy

Disagree. Technology goes hand in hand with systems of control. Especially since most new technology is created and owned by corporations/governments, most technology is either created for the purpose of, or ends up complicit in strengthening systems of control. Technology is responsible for the enforcement and stabilization of hierarchies. You can't have a surveillance state like China where Muslims are being thrown into internment camps without the necessary technology to track and identify them.

I think a lot of people look at technology as inherently liberatory because it "makes things easier" or something, but I disagree.


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That's what I mean. Suppose you have 1 man and 5 women. 1 man can get all of those 5 women pregnant at the same time. That's 5 babies in 9 months.

Now suppose you have 5 men and 1 woman. 5 men can't all get that same woman pregnant. At most you can have 1 baby in 9 months (assuming no twins or whatever).

The propagation of the species is limited by the number of women you have, not by the number of men. As long as you have a single man, you can keep going easily enough. So women are more valuable in this sense.


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"But what about old women? Or do men just crave the validation of young pretty women?"

Hard to say. Think of it this way, if you like someone and they like you back, it feels really good. But if you are neutral about someone and they like you, it still feels good, but maybe not the same amount in the same way. This isn't to say that older women can't be unattractive or that a younger man couldn't like an older woman. I mean, my parents are still married, and as far as I know, still have sex with each other, and my mother is long since through menopause. In fact, I would consider my dad to be unhealthily attached in certain ways but maybe I just don't understand marriage.

"now the ads are much more subtle, but we still feel it. i'm really sensitive to that. it's fucked with my head on so many levels. you subconsciously normalize it. my therapist tells me i'm an attractive woman, but if i didn't have to go to work five days a week most days i wouldn't even go out because i'm scared because i think i am unattractive which significantly lowers my quality of life. the pressure of having to be beautiful which is actually something that is beyond my control what genetics I was born with."

Ads fuck with everyone's head. That's what they are designed to do. You're not alone in this.

"people tell me all the time i'm pretty. men stop me in the street, give me things. sometimes men ask me for my number in the grocery store or tell me i'm beautiful.. but i live with an overwhelming shame and guilt of what i'm not sure if i'm just crazy or if this is the experience of being a woman in this post-liberal feminism modern society world."

I don't feel guilt but I feel shame often. And anxiety. I often feel like the world has gone crazy and everyone has lost touch. I don't think you're alone in this. I think there are a lot of people out there who feel like this but don't even know what's wrong, what to do, who to talk to, or where to go. I think these feelings are rooted in things deeper than patriarchy. I think it's the alienation of our age, and the bewilderment of people by the sheer complexity of our society.

"Is it possible to be a "success" as a woman? Even if you have kids, you still go through menopause if you live long enough. And what success is having kids anyway? I'm not sure. I don't have any."

I don't think I'm capable of answering that. I don't think you should have kids out of a desire to succeed. I think you should do it because you want to or because it brings you joy. Loving and caring for something and watching it grow can be motivating and grounding, at least I imagine so, that time hasn't come yet for me but I hope some time in the future.

"Men reject women in a big way in the dating world though."

Yes I imagine so. I think both sides have their difficulties and dating simply just isn't fair a lot of the time. Some people are very lucky with looks, life situations, charisma, etc.

"All these feelings of inadequacy stem from that, don't they? All these societal pressures and stigmas. They all seem to stem from this unsustainable war creating system. right? Do you think so?"

I don't think so. Inadequacy and stigma has probably existed since the beginning of time. We may just be more poorly equipped to handle it right now.


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Tell OP to stop asking for my experience if they are just going to dismiss it immediately as invalid because it doesn't conform to ideology. The question was what I'm insecure about, and whether men feel insecure. I answered the question and was immediately met with hostility.


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That's like saying that men aren't sexually objectified because women are more sexually objectified. They both are, but to different degrees.

I'm just telling you my personal perspective, which is that women don't have nearly the same expectations to "succeed" or "make something of themselves". It's not like being a wage slave like 95% of people are is satisfying or empowering anyway, despite what lots of mainstream feminism seems to convince itself of.


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"i feel like if i were a man i wouldn't have these insecurities. Do men actually get to feel comfortable in their own bodies?"

Nope. I wish I were taller. I want to gain 20 pounds of muscle. I wish my voice was a bit deeper. I have hairs growing in weird places. My facial hair isn't as full as I want it to be. Overall I'm pretty comfortable with the structure of my face, size of my penis, etc. but I'm absolutely positive that there are other men who are not.

"what would it be like to not have every single inch of your body scrutinized until you were a certain age only to be invisible and discarded as disgusting and worthless as after that age."

I sympathize with this and feeling this way isn't something a man can really understand. There are some men who are completely ignored by women their entire lives, so there is that I guess... but it isn't really the same.


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I can sympathize with your point about not having much self-determination, but I disagree with your point about the life rafts. My perspective as a man is that women are just viewed as more intrinsically valuable than men, at least by other men. I'll agree it isn't out of "kindness" per se, but rather an instinctive filter upon perception of other humans.

One man can impregnate many women, but one woman can be impregnated by many men. The economics of this is the basis for a lot of the hierarchies we observe right now.


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Being a man and being a woman both have their positives and negatives. Trying to convince the other they have it worse is just not going to work. I'm a man and sometimes feel it would be really nice to be a woman, but other times I'm glad I'm a man.

As a man I feel constantly burdened with expectations of having to make myself into something and into being someone great. Opening up emotionally as a man is just riddled with cultural overtones of homophobia and submissiveness. There's a reason there isn't such thing as an "alpha female" but there are "alpha males". Gender dynamics among men are a somewhat loose hierarchy of dominance and power and most men instinctively understand their place in this hierarchy, as well as how certain actions and achievements will affect their placement in this hierarchy. Dating can also be a pain in the ass... sometimes you just don't feel like taking the initiative or putting yourself out there on a given day. Being the rejected rather than the rejector can be tough. But I imagine that as a women, many times you're tired of attention and just want to be left alone, so there's the other side of that coin.

Being a woman is probably hard in its own way, but at the end of the day, you can't be a "failure" as a woman, as you simply aren't burdened with expectations in the same way. Perhaps among women, they view you as a "failure" if you don't have kids or something, but as far as I know, among men there is no such perception.

I think misogyny as it is stated is misleading and misunderstood. Men don't hate women, and I don't really know a single man who does hate women. Like you might hear a guy say they hate women, but ultimately most men crave the validation of women and are largely expressing frustration with their inability to communicate or understand each other. As a man, I can understand the dislike of feminism and feel it myself sometimes. Oftentimes it feels as if you are being attacked, and that's how you can set people on the defensive. It's even more irritating when people use misleading statistics or outright lies to push an agenda and that's another easy way to set people off.

Oh and if you post on the internet and actually share your perspective you get downvoted like hell. So there's also that.


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I wonder if they factor in all the CO2 emissions from oil wars. In all seriousness though, the manufacturing process for batteries should likely improve in time, and the modularity of electric cars (electricity can come from renewable sources, gas can't) means that the slope of that electric car line shown in the article would be nearly flat.


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Open source literally everything with the most liberal possible license. Fight as hard as you possibly can against DRM. I question whether piracy is an effective option or whether it will just bring DRM and abusive garbage like DMCA down on us even harder. I personally pirate as much as I can, especially from the big guys, while attempting to support the little guys.

Defensive patents perhaps? Use the system against them?

Also just don't touch their bullshit if you can. Anyone can live without listening to UMG music, or seeing Disney movies, or using Google Play, or Youtube, etc. Not giving them your money or data is basically half the battle.

Also you need to educate. Most of it will fall on deaf ears of people who don't give a fuck, mostly because they have no conception of the actual consequences or even what is happening right now. Some may listen though, and maybe enough can be converted to actually put a dent into these things that are just fueled by the masses. Heal thyself though, try to remove as much of this from your life as you can.


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I don't think humanity is "doomed" in the sense we will go extinct. I think humanity as in the character trait of humanity is doomed. I think we're heading to a place where society is so incredibly stable and full of systems of control that acting out and changing the status quo as an individual is simply out of the question. Humanity in the sense of human-ness and alive-ness will be a thing of the past. Reconnecting with nature will only be something experienced in movies, as technology (VR, AR, tracking, etc.) will be literally omnipresent.