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I already see a red like moon during a lunar eclipse

Green I've never seen before

Would a green landscape look colorless?


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Was playing a lewd game where one of the characters made a bomb

When it explodes people close forget about all their hatred towards each other and all what remain is love

But only for a brief moment Still I'd want some

What things from fantasy you want to have some of?


aabbaabb wrote

I had a dream about shit today

I was in an operations room watching an operation happen

The patient had a huge turd stuck and it has to be forcibly removed

They have her under anesthetic and lay her in doggy position then they start opening up her ass hole with scalpels

Then a turd almost as large as her leg forces its way out

I wake up in a hurry to go to the bathroom


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Couldn't come up with a favorite

The most recent ones I watched and enjoyed are don't look up, wolfwalkers, and patch adams


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Just woke up from two dreams

In one I was reliving an old memory and in another I met someone nice I know from real life

After I woke up I realized that someone had been long dead before I got to meet them