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Apricot. And I've just realized apricots are not evergreen.

I don't know how to describe its state besides it feels looser in its soil than it used to be


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At first I felt bad for rat more than the shark, but you made realize I didn't think about it from the shark's perspective. Now I don't know


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Had many dreams this week and recorded none, but I still remember three of them.

I've had enough of how badly I'm treated at home, so I leave traveling around to find a place that's better to me. I find a house owned by a lovely fluffy brown bear who's very nice to me, so I start living with them. As we were cuddling we hear a commotion outside. Armed men are coming for us, and we have to escape. I have an idea. We lock every door in house to keep them busy breaking them down, while we climb down the waste pipe on the side of the building. I wake up when we were in the bathroom about to climb out of the window. I hope the bear is ok.

A lone shark just bought this office building. As he goes to explore the empty building to find a rat hiding in there. Moments later the police are coming for the rat because he's suspected of killing his wife. They get into the building and question the shark about the rat, but he tells them he doesn't know anything. Moments later they find the rat and arrest him along with the shark. They both get into prison and share a prison cell. The rat didn't kill his wife, and is grieving her death. The shark observes the rat as he's scrolling through his wife's recordings on his phone, listening to them with tears in his eyes, until he finally cries himself to sleep. While the rat is sleeping the shark puts on wig, some feminine clothing, and tries to gently wake up the rat with a feminine voice. The rat wakes up, sees the shark, quickly jumps away, and asks the shark to explain what he's doing. Shark says he's trying to cheer him up. Rat says this is not helping. Shark asks rat if he could ever love him. Rat says not while shark still has his dick down his legs, so shark looks at rat with a forced smile and tears in his eyes, and tells if he munches down his own dick, will rat love him then? I wake up before rat gives an answer.


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Could you be thinking of my previous post?

I had a blue themed dream last time

I was in an empty building with a lot of rooms and short and narrow halls that connect them

The walls were light blue, the floor was covered in a dark blue carpet, and doors were some shade in between, some doors were locked and the whole building was lit by a dim natural light as if it was dusk or dawn

I was floating there like a ghost so I explored the building

Some rooms had just a desk, some had a TV, and others had something that looked like a photocopier but was full of gears

After a while I wanted to get out of the building. I look at one of the open windows and I can see the outside. After I pass through the window I find I'm still in another hall, I pass through another window the same thing happens. Tried that a few more times but I couldn't get out.