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Reply to tobacco by akkuflex1312

You want to destroy your health, smell like shit and support industry that has literally killed millions of people? Then smoke. If you don't want to, I suggest that you don't.


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I think that one reason why the current situation is what it is, is because especially people on the left/anarchist groups are suffering from information-fatigue. We just read endlessly books, surf web and watch documentaries that tell us what we already know; that capitalism is fucked up, climate change is threatening everything and millions of other problems.

I think that many of us are feeling a sort of responsibility to stay "woke" and informed. You just have to know everything. Otherwise you are ignorant and that's bad. That is a very harmful way to think and feel. Nobody shouldn't feel ashamed if they don't know all the news or haven't read hundred books on anarchist and Marxist theory.

And on internet, being able to make the best arguments has become more important than actual content. And if you feel that you have to have an ability to "destroy" somebody with your arguments, you lose the real focus that is improving real life. You just end up debating with some rightwing assh*le for hours. And you feel bad if he/she/they notice your mistake. But in reality, for most of us, winning a debate is a useless skill. How many times you have improved anything by creating a debate? Talking won't create a change, action does.

Rather then feeling bad about ourselves and world online, we should live the way we say. If you feel that capitalism is a shitty thing that destroys humans, try to minimize it's effects on your life. Wean yourself off consumerist culture. Get rid of Facebook, Twitter and others, they're toxic. If you have a possibility, get some books from library. Stop watching news and TV. Stop buying shit you don't need. Learn some new practical skills. Draw, play music, write poetry. Have sex if you want and can. Meet people in real life. Take care of your health. Meditate. Build a garden if you can, grow food. Be active in your communities.

We can't build a successful movement if all of us are just sitting in front of computers and emotionally wounding ourselves with the most toxic content available. The revolution doesn't happen that way. Helping ourselves also gives power to our movements and helps to create change.