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From the Busting crew:

We said it from the beginning, before anyone had looked into it closely: The people who are the most alarmist about farm murders in South Africa are old-flag bearing racists who want Apartheid back. Well, their international counterparts are no different. Thankfully the rest of the world has caught up to the fact that anyone who peddles this nonsense is simply racist.
The past few years, far-right maniacs like Katie Hopkins jumped at the opportunity to portray whites as the victims of genocide at the hands of black people in a foreign country. This serves only one purpose: To reinforce racial divisions at home and ensure white supremacy continues around the world.
We saw a slew of articles on various websites and blogs calling for an end to the "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" of farmers, and a stop to the land-reform process ("land grabs"). None of the articles mentioned that white people are actually the safest group in the country, or that a genocide would not target black farm workers, or farmers who were non-white. None of them mention the shocking inequality that is at the root of all South African crime.
Katie Hopkins released her own "documentary" – Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields, a grim propaganda piece filled with testimonies from dubious characters, but almost devoid of facts, information or context to our country.
Little surprise that Trump keeps retweeting her: They both despise immigrants who are from non-white countries, they both love fear-mongering to win support. They both have a complete disregard for facts and context, especially when it doesn't serve them.