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For most people it is a contradiction of the society they were ingrained to believe in from birth. Telling them that indeed, the world is falling apart from different forces mostly stemming from global capitalism. They don't want to hear about Bolsonaro's fascist takeover, or protestors getting run over, voter-suppression, genocide in other countries, or the real threat of fascist assholes enacting their dreams of ethno-cultural cleansing.

Some only want to retreat into their comfort bubble of social media like notifications; the latest digitally contorted selfie; or the latest Kanye album. Others are so mired in economic problems that they don't have the energy to contemplate the motivating forces that keep them working 2 jobs at a 1950s minimum wage.

So why the get defensive? You are poking their safety bubble where all those problems are just as transient as the latest thing that broke twitter.


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It really depends on the situation, what credentials you have, and what languages you speak. Now is the time to think about it though if you need an escape plan.

I would go to the closest non-fascist country, with a reasonable chance of staying stable for about 5 years. After that, well I have no clue! It is too far in a hypothetical to give a reasonable response.

As far as fighting, everyone has a skill, think about what you are good at and how you can help:

Artist? Draw posters and spread them around town. Writer? Write stories and allegories about anarchism, like desert or something abstract like an allegory. Programmer? Look at decentralized technology like IPFS and see if you can make raddle permanently available on it.

The question is not so much what you can do, but what are you willing to lose for it.


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TLDR: I too would like to know what I can do.

I don't know everything seems so pointless.

If we protest politicians don't care, we get maced, doxxed, and other shit.

If we bash the fash, we can look forward to jail time, injury, death while the news-cycle portrays it as proof of an unreasonable violent left.

When I talk with my neighbors they either have their own shit going on or believe things like voting centrist will somehow curb the right's suicidal march into fascism.

Personally I have been making preparations to get the fuck out of dodge if shit hits the fan. Even this plan is not certain but what else is there?