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Russia in 1917 was a largely peasant agrarian economy with massive corruption problems, widespread shortages and very little modern industry. It was frankly extremely remarkable how they managed to industrialize so quickly and put the first satellite into space just 40 years later. Obviously, central planning hits hard limits when you get to middle incomes, but it seemed to work astonishingly well for a time. American politicians and economists were also very afraid up until around the 1960s.

Like it's absolutely delusional to discard the economic and technological achievements of the early Soviet Union, even if you think (as I do) that they were based on oppression, murder, and environmental destruction to a large degree. That was not something other countries in their position managed to do, even if they had their own murder and oppression (and they mostly did).


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Just watch for LSC, FC, /r/soc etc mods coming in to the non-authoritarian subs to post a lot and try and make friends. Inevitably they will make it to the mod team where they can destroy the sub.

It happens over and over again. Watch the mod lists and you'll see the tankie mods get added to the bottom as soon as the sub gets popular, and then the mods above them slowly get purged until they've taken over the sub and turned it into a Stalin-circlejerk like all the others.

r/latestagecapitalism is a great example of the tankiefying process.


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Hate to break it to you but a few tens of thousands of propaganda dollars on Facebook ads and Twitter bots are not going to have a significant effect on the cultural malestrom we inhabit consisting of home-grown racists, conspiracy theorists, 4chan trolls, Klan spammers, angry preteens, aggrieved nationalists, and yes long-standing separatists in various regions.

All this "Putin is masterminding all political chaos" bullshit is just an attempt to excuse the huge amount of terrible people that live in our society ("Putin is behind the rise of American neo-Nazis!") or the real reasons for anger that are driving some movements ("Catalonia would never want to separate if it wasn't for Putin!").

Look upon our culture, ye credulous, and despair. It isn't fucking Putin or Russia's doing that we're in this mess.


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The funny thing is that people pretty much anywhere outside of the US think this is incredibly stupid logic. Talk to a European or a Canadian or an Australian socialist some time, guns figure far less into their revolutionary fantasies to the extent where it's almost shocking to hear. So much of this shit is just macho hero fantasy and it's boring.


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A undeniable, absolute right to deadly weapons sounds to me like the right of the bourgeois to own property and order people around.

Wanting reasonable gun laws or even wanting reasonable discussions on the topic doesn't mean you favor the authoritarian state accumulation of power, it just means you don't want to get shot up by some rightwing maniac.

I want functioning societies where people are free from oppression in various forms. Sometimes the short term requires compromise with dangerous institutions like the nation-State instead of being 100% against everything at all times, dooming yourself to total irrelevance.

So yes, I'm in favor of gun restrictions.

If it helps, I'm also in favor of other laws, like those regulating finance (such as they are) and those supporting Medicare and Social Security.