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Let's see -

  1. Billionaire, inherited everything he has. Lives in a mansion. Has a butler.

  2. Beats the crap out of poor thieves that are just trying to survive.

  3. Works with cops, gives 'criminals' to them so they can be locked up.

  4. Adopts white kids and teaches them to beat up proles, too.

  5. Drives the most expensive sports car in the world.

  6. Flies the most expensive private aircraft in the world.

  7. Has an immediate distrust of Superman for being an immigrant.


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I support people having direct control over the decisions that effect them, from their local community up, in a fully horizontal pattern. Also extending to the workplace, with cooperation and community ownership becoming the dominant mode of production. So yes, I support democracy if it can enable that.


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Reddit persecutes anarchists so they come here.

If you want the site to cover more than just politics, be the change you want to see. Bring new people here, start forums for them, encourage discussion, etc. People keep complaining there are too many political contributions, but they're always the people that don't contribute anything to the site and just complain.