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Bandcamp, soundcloud, vocaroo, are the main ones i know for just audio, lots of smaller ones too

You can always self host or make a video file and upload that to vimeo

You can make something a public file on dropbox, or google drive, or mediafire, or wetransfer

If you like peer to peer you can host a torrent or run soulseek, or even run an ftp server with the files you want people ho have access to.

If you want to be really niche you can use something like gemini etc

Think outside the box,

I remember when the musician cindy lee made their album cat o nine tails they released it in a way where a link to the album would be sent over email after receiving an etransfer to her studio’s protonmail address…


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I wonder if this also takes into consideration the amount of time walked, and the quality of the food, i can see people who care enough to give their dog a special diet instead of just the cheapest kibble might also take more care in their dogs in other ways. Sucks to see people be neglectful of their pets, there are a lot of variables. Although I don’t doubt the results. Diet is so important for health, i had a friend who fed their dog a lot of “people food” as snacks like potato chips, beer, or once a tiny piece of chocolate. The dog already had health problems but I don’t think these snacks helped although they were just like a tiny amount of these foods.


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Also if you can borrow money and park a small rv or something in a friend’s driveway, or if you can find a cheap sailboat for sale, I've known people who have lived on boats they have purchased for $1000 for a year saving over $10,000 in rent.


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I would say its also a lot easier to be homeless when its warmer out. Not having access to a kitchen you can cook at or having to haul stuff around and stash stuff or losing things or having to abandon stuff can be both exhausting and expensive,

I would say look for garages that people are renting if real housing is off limits, in which case you might have to piss in jars.

Get a good winter jacket, wear layers, dont be afraid to double up on waterproofing… water is miserable when you dont have any way to dry off. Get some good rain boots.

Try visiting family for a bit, Use how unsettled you are to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.


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Make a list of your friends that have places and try to spread out time that you can use their shower / laundry / crashing on couches etc,

If you have my friends that are broke they might be able to let you stay for a bit longer if you’re a good houseguest.

If you have a source of income try to keep it,

Try to avoid going in debt, as interest rates can quickly become oppressive.

Im in the situation right now where i’m looking to get out of a living situation that is draining my finances dry. Been going through all the more miscellaneous things in my pantry…

I would say if you have access to a food bank utilize it, ask some friends if they have any food that is about to go bad, or if they have cans of things they might not need.

No shame in being poor or even homeless, Fuck the society that looks down on people.

Make a list of any skills that you might have, maybe if you can see if theres any small work around peoples houses that they need done. Lots of collective houses would love to pay someone a small amount of money to do some chores such as washing dishes, vacuuming etc.

I would also recommend putting a listing online to have another roommate or something.

I pay a lot of money to rent right now, if my partner moved in with me i would be paying a LOT less. If i moved in with my partner i could pay their whole rent and still be saving $600 dollars a month


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Spark gap transmission Its not used as much because it encroaches on other neighbouring broadcasts, it is poor radio etiquette, and will result in your transmitter being searched for and decommissioned by your country’s radio authority.

Fines for that kind of stuff is severe as it is.

I would recommend using a secondhand burner phone as an audio source, and a cheap secondhand car fm transmitter with its output stage soldered to a medium powered radio amplifier. You might even be able to run it all in a pelican case or runnermaid with a solar panel.


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Im going through something similar, fell really in love with someone, they tell me eventually that they’ve been in love with someone else the whole time we’ve been together. From the sound of things originally it was described as more of like having hangups about a previous relationship, idk you can’t really control how someone feels as hard as it is, feelings are never symmetrical, everyone loves and experiences thing differently…

But that doesn’t stop things from being hard when they don’t go as expected …

I too am kind of doing the poly thing right now…

What i find frustrating is that this thing is messing with my ability to do my work, and maintain my relationships with people around me…

Im really quite heartbroken.

Its all quite ironic since i just broke up with someone i was monogamously seeing for the last two years, i stayed in a relationship for way too long because i cared about this person, but when they left the country for school I realized I hadn’t been living my life the way I’ve wanted to for the last two years. I’ve missed out on so many friendships because I’ve been tied to someone, i started to feel obligated to someone who i had fallen out of love with.

Having my partner of two years being away for so long gave me time to reconnect with so many friends I hadn’t seen in years, and i also found that there were a lot of people i still had strong feelings for, i’ve tried being monogamous so many times but i find that the expectations and the structure and the feelings of possessiveness kind of become overbearing.

Sorry to rant.

It can be really hard for people to tell you that their feelings have changed. It sucks how communication can break down when its a tough conversation like that, I’ve always wanted when people have bad news to be able to communicate it without worrying about me reacting in a way that will stress them out or make them feel unsafe. I feel like people feeling unsafe to express feeling out of love with someone is a very common thing. When im with someone i want them to know that they can talk to me about anything… but also i know when under heavy emotional stress i can also just shut down.