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Its a mini one yes so easy man but most expensive things are like head shavers beatd trimmers . Tools and booze . Only thing i havnt lifted is the spirits because they are behinde the till . Also no tags on anything apart from the peel off ones .


Xela91 wrote

Laws in the u.k are pretty slack compared to outher countries . Short prision sentences . If it even gets to that point . Depends on how many times you get caught .

Prision would be last resort

If the following dont work and you co tinue to offend .

certain town centers you get caught lifting in . You will be barred from and shops.

electronic tagging (curfew)

Communitie service


Not to bad considering šŸ˜Š


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Dress smart and not like a hoodlum be polite to throw them off do everything you can to look innocent as you are already at a disadvantage lol . But hey if you got balls to just grab n dash go for it. Just hide face and dont go back for a good few month lol


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Asda mainly really easy . I dont have percific stores i hit . Just when im there and i am in the mood i take . I feel i have a nak for it so thats why i came on here to get tips to have a proper go at it . I really want to hit JD SPORTS the clothes i really like but over priced . So not paying haha