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consensus model

Are we sure phase 2 isn't just majority voting?

The point of horizontal decision making is to make an equitable compromise that everyone involved consents to (may not agree with, but concedes that it may be the best option). Not just voting for the most popular suggestion at hand.

I think we need more phases to this.

I'll edit this tomorrow with a better input.


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It's commendable, but it's not scalable. The amount of racists you can deradicalize wil never outweigh the amout that buy into the alt-light, alt-right garbage.

That being said...life after hate was turned down by the trump administration. They're pretty good.


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I think the most important thing on that list is that only subscribers to their specific forum can vote for their own mods.

You should also make so that when they subscribe - they're automatically registered to vote in elections.

Also, make it so that the sub can tweak when they can hold elections and have a stickied banner promoting it between them (no surprise elections).

Also, term limits?