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I've noticed you used the ableist word "stupid" in your comment, please refrain from doing so.

EDIT: Wait a second, aren't you that guy who's already been banned once for shit like this?


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Nobody actually sells poison on the DNMs. Or weapons, or hitman services, or invitations to red rooms. They're all fake. Trust me, I know. I'm an expert at this shit.

Have you considered therapy?

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The most useful and long-sought-after forums. You will be revered as a grand creator throughout history. The world will never forget thy name.



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Good article, and thank you for listing it, but I'd just like to say a few things:

The Hidden Wiki: No. Just, no. Unless you want to get scammed, phished, or are into CP, please don't. Use decent directories, such as DeepDotWeb (deepdot35wvmeyd5.onion) or Dark.Fail (darkfailllnkf4vf.onion), not the Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki (and the hundreds of clones thare just as bad) is the rectum of the Darknet. High anonymity and an ability to edit links to your heart's content, who thought that shit would be a good idea?

Search engines like Torch, NotEvil, Ahmia, Phobos, etc.: THEY WILL NOT ONLY BRING BACK THE OFFICIAL ONION PAGES FOR SITES. Unfortunately, phishing pages and scam sites are also dredged up. Sorry.

Daniel's: Daniel's Hosting was hacked recently. A lot of things on their onion list (that they handily backed up) will have been lost, unless the individual admins of each site had their hosted sites backed up personally. I doubt they all did that.

"Most darknet users will tell you the same thing: do not believe everything you hear. A huge amount of myth and infamy surrounds the Tor darknet. For the most part, it isn’t true. And if it is true, you don’t want to know about it, see it, and especially not click any link that takes you near it. Whatever “it” may be." TRUE. AS. FUCK. Hitmen, red rooms, gun runners, sites that can hack your computer and report you to the FBI, mostly fictional. CP is a thing, but I have to say, you won't find it unless you go looking for it. It's a lot less prevalent than you've been led to believe. And, not everyone on the Darknet is a depraved psychopath! The worst thing I've ever come across in my time there (and I've been around) is this weed vendor who was pretty mean to me for a while, before he exit-scammed his business and disappeared because he was losing so many customers because of his dickishness and shady business practices. Most people there are pretty chill, especially if you come to the nicer places (hey! dreadditevelidot.onion. ;)).

Basically, practice good opsec, and you'll be golden, kiddo!