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I honestly love serving in a restaurant. Which is such a weird capatilist position to even exist. But I love the fast paced nature of it, having knowledge of the menu to suggest things to people, making conversation with guests, and working with a team of usually cool and alternative co-workers.

What I don't love about it is the workplace politics, the bosses, and the lack of breaks for even a few minutes. I don't love being exploited but I love the work itself.


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A person who "owns" a dog saying that animals are not only incapable of any level thought, but also of any level of emotion. He defended this with a Catesian view that animals are essentially robots who respond to stimuli but without any actual sense or thought process.

It is probably not the most ignorant, but it's recent and it came to my mind.


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The CHAD Bourgeois!

  • "Works" in a nice room with big windows

  • Work consists of three phone calls a day, yelling at his wageslaves, oggling secretary

  • Takes two to three week vacations every few months. Doesn't learn about local people, history, or culture. Yells at the wageslaves serving him on a ship.

  • Feeds children every day. Consults with a nutritionist. Gym membership. Access to healthcare.

  • Kicks the animals he lives with to show superiority

  • Has (owns) a bourgeois wife, as an accessory

  • Goes to the dentist when his teeth hurt

  • Sends kids to university where they graduate with no debt

I'm getting depressed. Feel free to add to this


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I especially love your point about anarchist beliefs being practically applied. I wonder if we could expand on "providing assistance and solidarity"... What are some good ways to do that in a few salutations? Some common ones I hear are

  1. Someone upset about how they got screwed over at work. Boss won't pay statutory holiday pay/overtime pay and they can't go to the labour board for fear of being suspected of the anonymous tip off, or problems that arise from having no labour board, or union.

  2. Housing problems caused by unfair or underhanded landlords

  3. larger issues such as transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism ect - some quick ways to show solidarity, alliance, and show how the problems are related to capitalist society (if an appropriate time).