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You can make great vegans meals easily from pretty basic ingredients. Try to stock up on various nuts, beans, lentils, grains and spices/ herbs (fresh herbs are great). Then get some tofu and whatever fresh produce you like.

I don't really cook according to recipes, so i just throw together whatever I feel like and its usually pretty good. I just try to buy variety so it doesn't get boring.

I usually don't have breakfast, but you can also make your own spreads if you can't get any at the store. Just cook and blend some veggies with fresh herbs or nuts.


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Sweet, I guess I'll be going to the bank tomorrow to get my loan for Harvard, which they will absolutely give me because of capitalism.

I'll pay them back once I have inevitably risen to the top and all the filthy peasants choose to buy the products of their labour from me.


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But researchers here are coming up with creative, sustainable solutions to deal with it, so that you can go back to eating that barbecue, pork belly ramen, or bacon with a clean conscience.

Yeah, its the pig shit that lays so heavy on my conscience. At last i can sleep again, knowing that the feces of the innocent creatures we breed for slaughter will no longer contaminate the environment.

I have a creative, sustainable solution: Stop animal agriculture!


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A bit off topic maybe, but you being a graphic designer gave me an idea.

What does everyone think about designing layouts for stickers that people can download and print. Then we could put them up in our favourite leftist hangouts to promote raddle


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Negligible senescence is associated with increased telomere length. Longer telomeres are hypothesised to promote formation of cancers, but also the 'recycling' of telomeres by telomerase is energetically expensive.

Therefore, since evolution occurs over long periods of time, humans may just not yet have adjusted to the abundance of energy available to those who can afford it.

Here is an article I found on the topic

Edit: wasn't quite happy with my wording


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Hey, why don't you have a look at these facts I found



Just because he has a PhD in something doesn't mean he can't lie about shit to further his agenda


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But thats not the point. If I can avoid the oppressive structures of carnism by living vegan then its relevant to my anarchism.

I have no illusions that my individual consumer descisions have any effect on the industry, changing the system significantly from within is almost impossible without massive pressure.

Veganism is an entirely moral descision for me.