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I don't believe you About this.

First bc that means you'd have to be stealing 2x that much, which is 10k a month.

Sure that is do able, if you're lifting all day every day nonstop. But you can't take that much without getting noticed and have to drive farther frtom home, taking more time....

Then you'd be selling it for about 50% on street, 60% max.

That means you have a network of people ready to go with a constant steady flow of cash- which buyers of lifted goods aren't known for.

Sorry, I think we should all be realistic here. It's not easy at all to make a living by boosting.


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I'm sorry I don't know but this is a great question from an experienced lifter. I appreciate that! No shade at all, but most posts here are from newcomers (and it's great to see them).

But I like these advanced questions bc I know I'll get there eventually too. So thanks!


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It's fairly easy but check your packages for the possible security tags inside.

My old faithful method for that store.

Dress nicely.

Go in and spend plenty of time in the expensive make up area. If you're female put it on and try out lotta different things. If not, that's OK too but spend plenty of time looking anyway.

Then mosey over to the cheap side. Spend a good bit of time looking there as well. Keep looking, the longer you've been in the store, the more likely they are to lose interest in you (same for sephora). Go back-and-forth if you have time. Make time.

Check out the middle, use the bathroom. Conceal slowly piece by piece. Empty boxes if you're uncomfortable or concerned that something is alarmed. Testers are sometimes full and fun for your own personal use but not for resale.

Perfumes are heavily tagged and they are generally right beside the register, but you can easily remove the stick on tags by placing one or two in your basket at a time, moseying to the cheap side and concealing there.

It's a fairly easy store if you look like you have money and you are a woman. I'm not sure about otherwise, but I still think it can be done.

Do not conceal on the expensive side. Just don't


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Whew. A lot. Thousands in food alone.

I'll venture $8000 retail. So what, about 8 bucks in cash?

Jk, but resale value is shit, fr.


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So, you pick a store where a walkout is feasible and possible, with the lowest risk risk of chasing you.

Then, you choose items to put in your cart that you want. No matter what store it's best to put all items in a store-branded bag.

Then hover at the door for a brief time without drawing attention to yourself. Walk out when all cashiers and managers are distracted. Pretty simple.


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Many times. By law Costco cannot prevent anyone without a membership from entering the store to go to the pharmacy. They have to serve everyone. So tell the guy at the door you're going to the pharmacy and then go get what you want. Problem is most things are so big they're hard to get out anyway.


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I genuinely don't believe that you flirting has anything to do with any success you're having. If you were a woman maybe, but you're not.