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Whatchagonnado wrote

What else do you expect them to do with it if nobody comes Back to claim it? It’s not their responsibility to get your phone back to you.

Moreover, who cares? Maybe they were trying to conserve your battery for you. Maybe it was store policy for some unknown reason.


Whatchagonnado wrote

I’m getting verrrrry good at Costco. I’d recommend NOT having a memebership for it. Carrying a big bag and concealing is so easy, just use the pharmacy excuse (see below) to get in and bag what you want. But hey, that only gets you what fits in a purse (some of which can be pricey, like flea treatments or meds).

But what if you want a BIG one, high risk , high reward ?

Recall you can enter Costco with NO card if you must use the pharmacy. By law the pharmacy cannot refuse you service. So go in with a “prescription,” or to “pick up” one.

Let’s be clear though: a walkout at Costco will require careful planning and major balls.

So You go in on a whatever, say Thursday. Buy a ton of food. Get that receipt!! Leave without getting it marked, sometimes they don’t even give one to you the food stand (but make sure you get it this time).

A few days later, their busiest time of week (Saturday afternoon), bring that food receipt with you, hidden. Watch receipt checker at exit to see if he/she takes receipts and looks at them, or just marks them without looking. This is critical, Bc if they’re looking you cannot lift this method for today.

But if they’re too rushed or whatever to look at receipts before just marking them....well, anything you want that doesn’t require “help” from a salesperson in store is on the table.

Put a mix in the cart, like a normal shopper. Get strawberries with that Dyson, and a magazine with that 3 pack of routers. Don’t be greedy, bc a lot of expensive stuff, they’re gonna look for.

Do your calm, normal Customer walkout, using your food receipt.

And a last tip: say they surprise you and do look at your receipt carefully. You can TRY this but don’t take my word: they say “this is all food” so you -confused -check out the receipt, and laugh at yourself saying you bought so much stuff, you took the food to the car, and must have left the wrong receipt in the car, but you’ll go grab it right now!! Don’t hesitate, don’t give him a chance to decide something else, just go to your car for that “receipt” taking anything but what you have hidden on your body.Then gtfo, it didn’t work.