Whatchagonnado wrote

There are certain rules to follow and you could probably shoplift forever, It is not statistically correct to say that eventually you will get caught. Here’s why.

Every time you shoplift, you have an equal chance of getting caught and not getting caught. Doing it a million times is NEVER going to change that equal chance.

Here is another way to explain it. Flip a coin. Are the odds of heads or tails equal? Sure. Now flip it 1 million times. Do your odds of getting either side increase over the other? Nope. That’s bc every time the possibility is caught/not caught.

That is-providing you follow the rules as much as possible. The big ones:

  1. Be white. Better yet be old and white.
  2. Respect the enemy- I can’t stress this enough. If you find yourself laughing at the LP somewhere, stop that shit. Tighten up, bc every time is like the first time, whether it’s $5 or $500.
  3. Don’t get greedy- once you get good at shoplifting you’ll almost get a feeling- the place will tell you what you can get away with. Don’t go over that.
  4. Keep walking, of course. Never stop.

Whatchagonnado wrote

You know what’s cool about it tho? Each bag, hundreds of dollars, has a 3 alarm. Then, they have the little wire one I’m talking about wrapped around all the bags, stuck to the countertop.

Cut the countertop wire, no alarm? (I’m hoping).

Grab all purses in wire, walk to door...walk out setting all alarms at once.

Does the 3 alarm screech itself, or just set off alarms?

idk just seens like a great method


Whatchagonnado wrote (edited )

Yes, if you steal enough and from the same place, they will get your tags and come to your house to question you.

A very good friend of mine is in jail right now. Last year, he borrowed my car a few times, And of course I knew why. He had hit one particular store for power tools so many times, that his photo was hanging in the break room (according to a store employee). The main method he used was serial number switching (taping a new serial Number over the old one) then finding a clueless cashier who wouldn’t realize a price was ridiculously low.

So, what happened with police? Well, cops from 2 separate counties in my state called me to question me about his whereabouts over the phone. They of course questioned me about my whereabouts on the dates, but I wasn’t there so I couldn’t be found on Camera at the store. But they asked me about it for sure!

But I also had cops show up at my house at least twice, from my own county. They’d Bang on the door for 15 minutes, but I never answered the door (don’t have to, it’s good to know your rights). All the cops I spoke to said they got my license plate from the store’s camera outside, and used that to track me down-AT my ADDRESS.

Since I wasn’t at the scene of any of the crimes there was nothing to do to get me, it’s not illegal to lend someone my car.

I’d guess he stole maybe 10 grand worth of products in all, though. So yes, even a BIG one-time lift won’t likely get cops tracking you down. But multiple ones surely will.

One last thing tho- none of those led to his arrest. He was pretty recognizable by then all over the state and he was trying to return something. They allowed the return but called cops. He then went browsing for more stuff, and the cops got there and got him.