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America is the centre of capitalism, so it's not surprising that Americans would be less likely to be radical. The entire culture revolves around the accumulation of wealth and trying to get ahead of your peers so you can invite them to dinner and rub it in their faces.


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And another thing, what are these “rad” Reddit spaces going to do if Bernie doesn’t enact M4A, free housing and all that jazz?

They'll just blame the republicans or the 'corporate democrats' like they do whenever Bernie fails.


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Never underestimate the murican voter's propensity to prop up a far right sex pest.


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If you're talking about psyops, clouds is the biggest perpetrator of it. They make hundreds of accounts to abuse people with and make them think everyone on the site hates them. Even using the alt army to convince people to take their own life.


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Everyone on this forum forgets the rule:

Each post should start with RTP:


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I think both options should be available. If someone decides to leave a site, they should have the option of deleting everything or just retiring their username.

Delete entire history (username, all comments, all posts)

Delete user (retire username)


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If we would just stop feeding the trolls, they'd go away. I've been watching the same couple of people and a whole lot of throwaway accounts manage to turn almost every post into a toxic conversation about this clouds person. Anyone trying to force us to talk endlessly about a banned troll is only here to create drama and hurt the community for their own entertainment. Stop letting them do it.