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You cannot track people easily using static sites.

But you can. DoubleClick was able to do this before Web 2.0 happened with tracking pixels. Where there's a will there's a way.

My point here is – blame capitalism.


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Agree and disagree. I think there's a lot about the tech that I like, but the big problem is that we have a handful of corporations steering the direction of the Web. There's a lot of good things that Web 2.0 could enable, but the surveillance-driven engagement-obsessed tech companies make the experience of actually using the Web less than pleasant.

I'm actually nostalgic for the early days of Web 2.0, where we just got wikis, AJAX, RSS, Dublin Core, and microformats. It felt like we were all heading towards a glorious renaissance of information sharing. Instead we got tracked, clickbaited, and advertised to on a massive scale. Capitalism ruins everything in the end.


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My Mac just werks™.

  • Drivers are solid
  • Small conveniences like Time Machine
  • BSD userland
  • Tasteful design all around
  • BeOS is dead

I don't have a problem with Linux, but Mac OS X has basically the most comfortable and consistent desktop environment around today. Apple is always breaking shit, but then again everyone else does that too.