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I understand but running and maintaining a server is not separate from a project, it also represents a lot of work that would (probably) best be left to better minds.

Of course at no point am I saying that it's OK that the Matrix Foundation failed to do their job. I am only questioning whether it's reasonable to expect our small group of programmers to do a better job.


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I've already experienced way more hate here today than in all my 8chan "career". And all because I've criticized a sexist, racist quiz.

Please directly quote anything that you'd qualify as hate, here on Raddle.

And then please tell me how anything that you've experienced here compares to what minorities would face here or more importantly in the real world.

Now please have the gall to repeat the words sexism and racism as if you know what they entail


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Try this for example

So instead of going to any other generalist gaming discussion website, one forum - allegedly, I'm not trusting one tweet from someone I don't even know - banning discussion about someone is reason enough to flee to one of Internet's most well known toxic and vitriolic websites? How does that follow?

that's the price you have to pay for lack of censorship. I am willing to pay that price - are you?

I'm not, which is why I've chosen Raddle.

Recall the poem "First they came..." ?

Yes, I think I do:

"First they came for the white supremacists.
And I said nothing, because I wasn't a white supremacist.
And the world was a better place.
The end"

Is raddle any better than a white supremacist forum anyway?

If you cannot tell the difference you are either a lame troll or you are not coming in a position of good faith anyway.


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I know it's not on the boards I care about.

So if a platform literally hosts pedophiles and/or white supremacists but you actively choose to ignore those parts it makes that platform great?

I don't know. You tell me? Maybe censorship has something to do with it...

I don't understand what would be censored if you discussed how the latest Mario was great or whatever. What could you possibly talk about that would warrant you being censored elsewhere?


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The Matrix chat rooms are completely fucked over on my side. Don't know what's happening with the network, I can't even send messages or receive anything. Sometimes I can send something after like 6 tries. Is this happening for anybody else?


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For me personally, if it weren't for the fact that you'd need to invade my privacy to have the data to do even do this is the first place, I'd be really excited you know. I'd really be! This would make me watch so much more movies. Unfortunately, I'm thinking about the adverse effects.

Think about all the homophobes who wouldn't ever see a gay character on-screen. All the hardcore christians who wouldn't ever see contraceptives in a good light. How jews would be portrayed in a movie customized for neo-nazis. How capitalism would never be questioned for 90% of the audience.

Basically, we already know why having algorithms deciding what you see is dangerous. It's not just catering to your views: it slowly turns you into an extremist in whatever you happened to slightly believe in in the first place.


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Since it's free I highly recommend taking the time to play this game.

First off, it's really not that long - an afternnon at most - so that's a plus when you're busy busy busy. Plus it's from an indie studio that could generally be described as woke. Without spoiling, themes treated are automatisation and worker rights. But it's mostly a story about people with their own concerns and problems that you discover through a unique game mechanic. And finally, lots of representation of minorities!


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First time:


  • Deja vu
    this movie makes no sense, the dudes are creepers, the terrorist is not 2d he's actually a point in 1d, and you CANT SHINE A LASER THROUGH A SCREEN AND NOT HAVE THE REST OF THE LIGHT OF THE ROOM AFFECT oh what the hell
  • Arrival
    I love everything about this movie, go watch it