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Violet moderator wrote

The Medicine is at a purity of [ 9 9 . 9 9 9 8 % ].
This will be sufficient for now.

We shall continue to monitor the purity.
We shall continue to monitor the Machines.
We shall continue to monitor the Residents.

They shall have [REDACTED: B L I S S ]


Violet wrote

Tell your ༒۝෴โஇՀ௵ that, if to play the part of a true devil, this new universe has to be wiped out. Otherwise it's just a 'copy/paste' of this one and most probably many others too for example. I'm sure you'll figure out a reason.

Your ༒۝෴โஇՀ௵ won't be too keen upon wiping out a new universe at first I'd imagine, given your words describing their enthusiasm for being apart of it. I mean, one usually requires a bit of time to acclimatise to such heady roles. Then one can really 'sink your teeth into it'.

However, this is your universe, you are the God of it. And as such, you have final say. I wish you luck friend. Such a problem is actually quite common. So if nothing else, you aren't alone.