Uproot wrote

There is a major difference between Europe and America, is that the latter will beat you to pulp, strangle your family, kill your pet, throw you in prison for indefinitely of time, or just simply shoot your ass off right on the street.

I like how OP inconveniently forgot to mention Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, Standing Rock, Oka, Ipperwash, Riot 2010, etc... Yeah we have had shit load of uprising, and none of us had it easy, like you Europeans.

You Europeans have you fucking privilege, can riot and ram the forklift into the president palace, and your pigs won't shoot anyone. Try doing that here to the Capitol, and 5.56 ran down on you like shower. Didn't you forget how they treat Micah Johnson for shooting 5 pigs? They used a bomb strapped drone to blow his carcass to pieces. How about Ferguson protestors getting executed right on their street by cops for the last 4 years? Or jackass like Atomwaffen stored dirty bomb in their apartment plotting to blow up black school? Did military roll out MRAP with mounted MG on Paris street? Nah they did that in Ferguson, St. Louis and Baltimore.

How about Standing Rock? My people peacefully protested, and they got National Guards rolled up and put them in cages like animals? Your fucking dogs get treated better than those protestors.

You Europeans had it easy. Have some compassion for people of color over here, for fuck sake.

Americans and their fear of repression is deep in its root. Because every uprising have been violently suppressed. Doesn't mean we'll stop.


Uproot wrote (edited )

Some correction. Self-immolation of Thich Nhat Hanh was the protest against Ngo Dinh Diem's regime on forced Christianization, and suppression of religious freedom in South Vietnam, particularly Buddhism and Islam. Ironically, because of Hanh's protest, this was one of the main the excuses for CIA to assasinate Diem and his family, topple the then-government, and installed pro-US puppet Nguyen Van Thieu, signaled the US invasion of Vietnam.

Another key note, at the time Diem was anti-US, he didn't want foreigners interfering with the country's business. At the time, both Ho Chi Minh and Diem were supposedly signing the peace treaty, planning to either create a DMZ at Hai Van Pass that divided North and South like Korea did, or later unification. The US didn't want either so they used Hanh's protest as a cause for the coup d'├ętat.

I know Western leftists always see things so black and white. It's a lot more grey than most never tried to understand how Third World's politics work.