UniqueEye wrote

I'm an AP Customer Host but I do know about the limits of the Asset Protection Associate since I chat with them on a regular basis. They cannot move past the side walk in terms of the "chase" policy. Which means they cannot enter the black turf of the parking lot. If they do, it's against policy and they can be fired. They're also not supposed to make physical contact. They do a lot of "asking". "I need you to step inside my office and we can get this figured out" -> "I'm gonna need to see inside your purse" -> etc Customer Hosts (wearing the yellow vests at the doors) cannot look inside personal bags/purses/backpacks of a customer. The reusable shopping bags do not count.

If they actually chased you past the black turf and past the boundaries of Walmart, they can and should be fired. As far as whether you return...it depends on whether or not you were trespassed. Given that trespassing requires them handing you a piece of paper--that didn't happen while you were being chased. So you are free to return to the same Walmart. They really can't call the cops because they can only call after observing all 5 elements. http://howtostealfromwalmart.blogspot.com/ (this only has 4 but I forgot exactly what the 5th element was. I believe it's consistent visual contact.) But you can sure as hell expect them to be watching you. I've also observed that while they really can't call the cops before observing the elements, once they have them they can call, even if it's like 5 minutes before they make the stop. I've had the cops show up just as the person they were doing a stop on was trying to run out the door. I still remember her "I'm fucked" face after the police officer came in and observed her trying to push out a tote full of electronics.


UniqueEye wrote

I work as a customer host at Walmart. I regularly catch people tagswapping merchandise at Walmart. I watch self checkout like a hawk because people keep thinking "It's easy, I'll get away with it, they're not really watching" but I am. To be clear though, just because I watch when I'm there, doesn't mean that other employees do the same. I tend to watch for large merchandise tagswapping. For example, a vaccum cleaner ringing up as clothing is a big red flag for me. If the description is different is also a big red flag for me.

For example, a cooler ringing up as "ICE BAG" for $2 when it's a huge cooler. If you keep the differences between the actual price tag and the tagswapped tag minimal, then you have a much higher ability to get away with tag swapping, even when I'm watching.

If I check your receipt and suspect you of tagswapping, I will verify the UPC code from the receipt to the item that I am suspicious of. If I am suspicious of every item in the cart, then I will go through every item, pulling them out of shopping bags and the like. If the item in your cart does not match the UPC, then I confiscate the item and explain why, and offer to get management if they disagree. I cannot touch personal backpacks, purses, etc.

You can always refuse the receipt check and I can't follow you outside, but if I'm sure I would have found something, then I log your description, which Self checkout register you were on, what the estimated retail value was, and some other notes. I can let the APA (Asset Protection Associate, plainclothes AP) know when I see you in the store again.

I consider tagswapping shoplifting.